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Teach Guitar From Your Phone

a phone at the core of a guitar teaching business

By using the materials on this site many educators now turn up for their Guitar Teaching Jobs with little more than a phone and a guitar!

Nearly all phones can store and print PDF documents and can also play and stream mp3s via bluetooth or through the headphone socket

When I started teachwombat way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth the idea of running a guitar teaching business from a phone was I admit, not where I thought that the whole thing was heading but the reality is that more and more guitar teachers are using smartphones as the core of their teaching practice Phones (for better or worse) are now central to nearly all of our lives

Most of the phones around today are capable of playing and storing mp3's to external speakers (more bass end for the backing tracks) as well as printing documents via bluetooth etc and many of my customers download the resources to their handsets and off they go to work

guitar backing tracks to download

By downloading this material you can also help ensure that our resources will download easily and efficiently to your phone, tablet or PC

Hear a short section of The FREE A-D-G-A Backing Track

The file just a tiny selection from our resources (there are 35 Guitar Backing Tracks and the handouts to go with them in the download) but getting the file on to your phone will assure you right away that you could be one of the increasing number of guitar teachers who base their professional careers around their mobile phone

This material is Not Suitable as a First Guitar Lesson.....

because the chords change too fast for a complete beginner but here to let you experience the quality of of our resources and to reassure you that they will download to your devices (phones tablets and PCs)

Hear a short sample of the backing track

The FREE materials and how to use them in your teaching

There are four (PDF) handouts that accompany the (MP3) backing track. The material can be used with beginner and intermediate players and can even be used for Teaching Advanced Guitar students

Teaching Beginners With Backing Tracks

how to teach guitar using open chords

The first sheet features the standard open chords and is suited to be used with students near the beginning of their guitar playing career although it is not recommended that it be used as a first lesson as the chord changes come around too quickly for most total novice players

There is also a version of this sheet in the free file with fun cartoon graphics for anyone Teaching Children Guitar

Teaching Intermediate Guitar Students

using a phone to teach bar chords on guitar

Introducing Bar Chords

The track can also be brought into play when guitar players are ready to move on from the beginner stage and develop the ability to play bar chords and begin to develop a knowledge of Music Theory For Guitar There is a handout covering bar chords and the chord sequence

how to teach guitar string bending

For more advanced players

There is a sheet aimed at more advanced players who are interested in developing the ability to improvise which features the pentatonic minor scale of A with a fretboard diagram (and information relating to the "right" notes to bend)

Guitar Teacher's Resources

Over 450 PDFs and 35 Backing Tracks!

Our Free Suff Is Free!

You don't have to give us your email address or subscribe to any mailing list to get our free stuff. I hate anything like that (and I presume that you do too). The free stuff on this site is exactly that. FREE

Get Links to Backup the resources to your tablet or pc

I have to admit that I dont know if your phone is new enough or if you have access to apps like dropbox or better still Goodreader (the one that I use with my ipad and iphone) that will allow you so store and play mp3's as well as use bluetooth and airprint to print handouts as and will You can also link the resources up with your email account so that you can send backing tracks and handouts to your students with a single click.

As I say I don't know what kind of phone you have (and it would be very creepy if I did if you think about it?) but what I can guarantee is that if you buy our resources and find that you are unable to download them to your phone or have difficulty using them then (or even if you just want to have a backup copy of the materials that you paid for?) all that you have to do is drop me an email at and I'll send you a bunch of links that will allow you to download the resources to your pc or tablet. From there you will have them forever and can use them as you wish or transfer them to your phone by whatever means you prefer

How to teach guitar to beginners

 How To Teach Kids to Play Guitar

guitar music theory teacher's download

If you would like some information relating to the best type of guitar for a child then just follow this link

The Deluxe Package:
Download all of our products for just $25.00

Whats in the download?........

The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

 How To Teach Kids Guitar
100 printable sheets dealing with Open Chords-Bar Chords-Scales- Modes- Blank Fretboard and Chord Grids Teaching Diary and Business Card Designs

The Backing Tracks and Handouts Package

 How To Teach Kids with Guitar Backing Tracks
35 backing tracks and over 80 chord sheets and handouts to go with them An invaluable aid designed to help you to teach both rhythm and lead guitar to younger and older students alike Great for helping to develop a good sense of timing (which will last a lifetime) in a novice player

The Kids Guitar Teaching Package

 How To Teach Kids Guitar, Chords For Children
More than forty sheets designed to help you to Teach Guitar to Children This material is designed to run alongside the "Backing Tracks and Handouts Package . All of the material that you need in order to teach kids to play guitar. Chord Charts, One finger (reduced) chord diagrams. An opportunity to start any young would be guitar player off the right way!

Plus 100 Giant (letter sized) Chord Grids

 How To Teach Kids Guitar Chords
laminate them in order to help you to teach group guitar lessons, distribute them to your students or just stick on your teaching studio wall? The "Coolest Wallpaper on the planet?"

And a freebie from us to you!

The Bass Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

resources for how to teach kids guitar chords
Over 60 Handouts for anyone who already teaches (or who wishes to teach) bass guitar covering Scales, Chords, Fingering Exercises etc

Over 350 Sheets and 35 Backing tracks to Download and use TODAY!

Everything you need to start or improve a guitar teaching business! It's all there!

Only $25.00

the teachwombat materials

Buy your toolkits in complete safety via any major credit card (through paypal) or directly through your paypal account if you have one. If you choose to use a credit card, rest assured that we never see your credit card details as paypal do all of that for us.

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I will check the order and send you the links that will get you to your stuff.
Cheers! Rob!

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They take care of the payment side and you can be sure that we never get to see your credit card details

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