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Stream Guitar Backing Tracks

streaming backing tracks for guitar

"Future Proof" your guitar teaching business and give your students a service that the local competition can't beat!

Allow your guitar students (free of charge and without being aware of where you got them from) to stream any of our backing tracks that you give them a simple eight number code for to their own phones, tablets and pc's.

All this "added value" to your Guitar Teaching business for only $12.00 per year!

streaming backing tracks for guitar players

Streaming is the way that most people choose to hear music today!

When I started teachwombat one of the things that I was most pleased with was that the site is a "one stop shop" for guitar teachers. The idea was that you look at the resources, give me some money, download them and then go off and use them for the rest of your life. There is no club to join, no subscriptions to pay and no mailing list to clog up anyones email inbox. I was (and I hope my customers were) perfectly happy with this arrangement for years.

The only problem is that now technology has come along and given me a bit of a dilemma. Although all of the above still works very well I know from my own lessons that it can be very time consuming (not to mention expensive!) to have to burn individual CD's for each of my students (particularly when teaching away from my computer in school situations or in group lessons). Add to this that with younger students I have to explain what CD's are!!!!!

The reality is that people are moving away from the purchase and use of CD's and even downloads are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Folks are hearing their music nowadays by streaming it straight to their phones, computers and tablets and it makes sense to position our services as guitar teachers in a way that our customers find convenient and familiar.

Imagine how simple it would be if your customers could just use their own technology to go to a website and type in the eight digit code that you gave them during their lesson(the first four digits are unique to the teacher while the last four call up the track) After entering the code they could then simply play along with the same backing track that they were working with during the lesson that you just gave them. With this in mind I set up my new streaming service

simple customer interface

To experience the guitar backing track streaming service as your customers will just follow the link below to and enter the numbers 12345678 in the box

The new site has an incredibly simple student interface (it is little more than a box in which they are invited to enter an eight digit code) and nowhere on the site is there any information relating to teachwombat. All that your students will know (and be impressed by!) is the fact that you have arranged for them to be able to stream on demand the tracks that you use in order to make them better guitar players

streaming backing tracks for guitarists

How to set up a streambacking account

Step 1.......

Go to the "teachers area" page of and set up an account by providing us with an email address and password

Step 2.......

You will then get an email with a link to Paypal in it.

After payment we take over....

Step 3......

Your payment will trigger an email (to us) from Paypal informing us that you have completed your part and within 24 Hours (usually much sooner) we will set up the necessary permissions at our end and then email you to let you know your account is active


The streaming service does not replace but does augment the teachwombat materials and students will not be able to download any printed chord sheets etc (after all thats what you get paid for giving them?). The new streaming service is simply an additional option available to (only) guitar teachers who have previously purchased the teachwombat materials designed to make their lives easier and add value to their teaching business.

If you think that your students would benefit from being able to stream your backing tracks to their own devices just register for a streambacking account and I'll send you a link to download your own "hard copy" of the new backing tracks and handouts when setting up your streambacking service upon receipt of your order. Because there is a bit of human input required at this end after you subscribe it may take up to 24 hours (but it will probably not take as long as that) to have your account up and running

You can pay with a credit card (via PayPal) or with a PayPal account if you have one.

They take care of the payment side and you can be sure that we never get to see your credit card details

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