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How To Start Teaching Beginners Guitar

How to start teaching beginners guitar

How To Start Teaching Guitar to Beginners

Starting to teach guitar as a business can be pretty straightforward just so long as you have the talent, the resources and a plan

If you are considering the possibility of turning your guitar playing skill into cash by embarking on a teaching career then this page may be of help

I run a website that sells guitar teaching resources We have detailed plans for the first eight beginner's guitar lessons We aso have 35 guitar teacher's backing tracks and over eighty handouts and chord charts to go along with them

You can download a whole series of free beginners guitar lesson plans below

Guitar Lesson Plan 1

Guitar Lesson Plan 2

Guitar Lesson Plan 3

Guitar Lesson Plan 4

Guitar Lesson Plan 5

Guitar Lesson Plan 6

In addition we have a whole load of resources designed to help you to teach children to play guitar and as if thats not enough we have a whole load of FREE guitar teaching resources for you to download and use right away irrespective of whether you buy our materials or not

Find out more about our help for guitar teachers...

You don't need our resources to start a guitar teaching business

If I were a "real" businessman (I have been told) I would be trying to imply that you need these resources in order to start a guitar teaching business and that it would be a great idea if you paid me a bunch of dollars every month (rather than just allowing you to buy them today if you like the look of them) in order to get your hands on the materials

I would be saying that but unfortunately (for me) it would not be true Guitar teachers have been getting along just fine without teachwombat for ever and no matter what kind of "hard sell" I try to fling at you we both know that the world is not about to stop spinning if you don't buy my stuff

I will maintain though, that you will find it a whole lot easier to buy my resources than to spend countless hours (trust me!) putting similar things together yourself but then I would say that because I'm trying to sell them to you

What do you need in order to start teaching guitar?

There is no "typical" guitar teacher Each one of us arrived at the point where we embarked on a guitar teaching career via a unique set of circumstances and we all have a unique set of strengths and weknesses.

What all guitar teachers need is the ability to talk to people and to be able to empathise with them. There is no shortage of guitar players but a lot of them are not really suited to putting people at ease and understanding their problems.

If you can play the guitar and talk to people easily then the other thing that you need (and this is where we can help you out) is to have access to a set of lesson plans and guitar teaching resources that will allow you to "hit the ground running" in your new career.

Guitar Teaching Jobs

There are three main types of guitar teaching jobs out there (teaching from home, teaching in schools and teaching in music stores) and all of them offer a way to avoid the dreaded day job. If you follow the link above you will see a more detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of each type of guitar teaching job but the reality is that if you are reading this page then you are probably not already teaching guitar in a school or a music store You need help with actually starting to teach guitar and those jobs will (presumably) come along later when you are an established guitar teacher

You probably need to find out two things in order to progress The first is "can I teach guitar?" and the second is "do I enjoy doing it?" The simplest and most effective way to do that is to actually have a go at it

Dipping a toe in the guitar teaching water

If you play guitar you have probably heard people say countless times "oh I wish I could play guitar" or maybe folks have asked you for lessons and you backed away from it because you are a guitar player and not a guitar teacher well now is the time to step up to the plate and see if this is the job for you If you know someone who wants to play guitar why don't you see if you can teach them? In addition here I am going to suggest that you break a "golden rule" of guitar teaching and offer to give them a bunch of lessons without being paid (I can't believe I just wrote that down!)

This is a one time only "friends and family" thing and is strictly temporary I have (very) strong opinions about guitar teachers who give the first lesson away free (to customers that they do not know) and don't get me started on people who are surprised how much guitar lessons cost and expect you to teach them (or their children) to play for less per hour than you could get for turning slabs of meat over on a grill with a daft hat on because they think that playing guitar is not a "real" job

I teach in schools and colleges and have lost count of the times that fellow members of staff (who should know better) have given the impression that they do not think music is a "proper" subject (like the one that they teach) just because I, and my students seem to enjoy what we do

A much wiser person than me once said something along the lines of "If your job entails doing what you truly love then you will never work a day in your life" and I often think of that when some halfwit decides that what I do for a living is not "real" work. We don't get paid for teaching guitar for an hour We get paid for all of the hours that they (or their children) were not there when we ourselves were sat in our bedrooms learning to play

The fact that learning to play guitar was a whole lot of fun is beside the point I studied the guitar to the extent that people are quite happy to give me money to teach it Im glad I did it It was hard (and enjoyable) work I'm not about to take any nonsense from somebody who spent a few years stumbling into geography lectures between hangovers and then finding out that they needed money (to continue funding those hangovers?) and who stumbled into teaching because seemed like an easier option than lifting heavy things or working night shifts.... Oops! sorry I just went off on one there but you get the idea? Teaching guitar is rewarding and enjoyable work but it is still work

This page is a bit of a "work in progress" and when I get time (I'm busy at the moment trying to placate a Geography teaching friend of mine who thinks that I am a bit on the judgemental side) I will add other stuff dealing with how to drum up customers for your new guitar teaching business and the administrative side of it all (booking appointments etc)

In the meantime do a tour of the site to find out more of what we offer or you might like to............

Take a look at the video below (which even makes sense with the sound muted) which looks at a series of lessons geared towards getting kids off to a flying start on guitar

The Deluxe Package:
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The Kids Guitar Teaching Package

 How To Teach Kids Guitar, Chords For Children
More than forty sheets to download and use in your guitar teaching today. This material is designed to run alongside the "Backing Tracks and Handouts Package . All of the material that you need in order to teach kids to play guitar. Chord Charts, One finger (reduced) chord diagrams. An opportunity to start any young would be guitar player off the right way!

The Backing Tracks and Handouts Package

 How To Teach Kids with Guitar Backing Tracks
35 Backing Tracks and around 80 Handouts to go with them. An invaluable aid designed to help you to teach both rhythm and lead guitar to younger and older students alike Great for helping to develop a good dense of timing

The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

 How To Teach Kids Guitar
100 printable sheets
dealing with Open Chords-Bar Chords-Scales- Modes- Blank Fretboard and Chord Grids Teaching Diary and Business Card Designs

Plus 100 Giant (letter sized) Chord Grids

 How To Teach Kids Guitar Chords
laminate them in order to help you to teach group guitar lessons, distribute them to your students or just stick on your teaching studio wall? The "Coolest Wallpaper on the planet?"

And a freebie from us to you!

The Bass Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

resources for how to teach kids guitar chords
Over 60 Handouts for anyone who already teaches (or who wishes to teach) bass guitar covering Scales, Chords, Fingering Exercises etc

Over 300 Sheets and 20 Backing tracks to Download and use TODAY!

Everything you need to start or improve a guitar teaching business! It's all there!

Only $25.00

the teachwombat materials

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