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Half Sized and Three Quarter Sized Guitars For Children

half size guitar for child beginners

The two guitars on the outside of this picture are half size and the one in the middle is three quarter sized Just about any child who can comfortably use a half sized guitar will be able to function perfectly well on a three quarter sized instrument There really is not that much in it

Is a half sized guitar the right option for kids?

The reality attached to buying a half sized guitar for a child is as follows

Most half sized guitars on the market are low quality and even the "good" ones will have a limited useful lifespan as children have an annoying habit of becoming larger that they already are

Quality musical instruments cost money and children will quickly "grow out" of even the best quality half size guitar rendering it to be regarded very quickly as a "toy" guitar and most probably a waste of money It is a good idea to consider spending money on a 3/4 sized guitar that a child will quickly grow into or better still in my opinion (for all but the smallest children) a full sized but small bodied "parlour guitar" that they could well keep (and play) for a lifetime

1/2 Size guitars remain small and children do not

"My how you've grown!" must surely be the single phrase that a kid hears most when they encounter adults that they know who they have not run into for even a few short months Guitars are a lot like coats If you are going to buy a guitar for a child you don't really want to get one that is a snug fit now because at the rate that most kids grow they can look like cartoon characters with their sleeves half way up their arms in no time at all

Before we go too far along the road of my helping you to decide which size of guitar to choose for a youngster it should be pointed out that you hold all of the aces here! I dont know if the child on your end of the computer is "big for their age" or "a little smaller than most of the kids in their class at school" Kids have growth spurts at inconvieniently random times and this is compounded by the fact that internet searches around this theme are normally constructed around a kid's age rather than his or her height

The choice basically boils down to being between three types of guitar The nylon strung acoustic (classical) guitar, the steel strung acoustic and the steel strung electric guitar and based on a lifetime of experience (what management consultants are now calling "casual empiricism"!) I have come to the very firm conclusion that nearly all kids want to play steel (rather than nylon) strung guitars

I know that this goes against what a lot of the internet is saying on the subject but it may be no coincidence that a lot of the internet seems to be trying to sell cheaply constructed nylon string guitars They bang on about nylon strings being "easier on childrens fingers" as if the little darlings were made from faberge eggs

Just a few thousand years ago children lived in caves and helped out with hunting wooly mammoths so Im not having all of this delicate little flower malarkey If they want and expect to hear the sound made by steel strings (and trust me they do!) then they are going to have to play steel strings to get there Trust me, guitar strings dont hurt the way they used to when just about everybody had to learn on a cheap badly made guitar with thick wire strings and an action(the distance between the string and the neck) that you could easily trap your fingers under

Should a child learn on an electric or an acoustic guitar? Find out more

Childrens hands are not too small to play guitar chords

Most children don't struggle too much with the fingerboard of a guitar anywhere near as much as they do with holding, supporting and getting their arms around the body size of a "full sized" guitar and even if they seem to have trouble "stretching" to play full chord shapes there are tried and trusted methods and resources such as a range of commonly used "reduced one finger chord shapes" that effectively address this situation

What can present itself as a stretching issue is often really just the developing of manual dexterity issue common to all beginner guitar players of whatever size and age

half size guitar suitable for child

 Second of a series of kids guitar lessons featuring two new chords for children to learn

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