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All that you need to start teaching guitar

ghow to start teaching guitar

Our $25.00 "Deluxe Download" includes well over 400 handouts that guitar teachers all over the world use "over and over again" every day

The handouts cover the situations that any guitar teacher faces repeatedly in almost every lesson. Print them to use over and over again

This part of the download contains well over a hundred professionally produced letter sized guitar teaching handouts that you can simply print or photocopy. Chords, Scales, Fingering Exercises (such as the three featured in the video at the bottom of this page) and each of the seven diatonic Guitar Modes. Its all there, presented neatly and professionally.

All of the printed PDF resources that you need to teach guitar properly

In addition the teachwombat guitar teacher's toolkit features a comprehensive range of tab, blank fretboard, and notation sheets in a whole range of combinations as well as loads of guitar chord grids and diagrams that any guitar teacher needs on a daily basis.

The resources are designed to complement our materials (also included in the $25.00 Deluxe Download) that set out to help a teacher to get children to play the guitar "properly" from a standing start

printed PDF handouts for teaching beginners to play the guitar

Printed Resources for Teaching Beginners to Play The Guitar

During the beginners phase of guitar playing a student should learn to move smoothly between the eight open chords (shown on the handout above) that any novice should learn first. Running alongside this they may also enjoy working with single note patterns (riffs, tunes etc) themed around music with which they are already familiar

There are a whole load of resources designed to help guitar teachers to help beginners to "really" play the guitar ranging from sheets containing the best chords for a novice to work with through to blank neck and tab sheets and material relating to the first scales that any beginner should learn to work with

printed PDF handouts for teaching intermediate players to progress on the guitar

Handouts for Intermediate Guitar Players

When a beginner is comfortable moving between the eight most useful open chords in time to music they are ready to move on to the "intermediate" stage of guitar playing when their fingers will be ready to take on new challenges such as power/bar chords and beginning to work with common scales (such as the Pentatonic Minor and the Blues Scale)

Our comprehensive range of resources (just some of which you can see above) are designed to help ensure that a guitar teacher spends their lesson time actually teaching rather than constantly having to "improvise" hastily prepared teaching aids

printed PDF handouts for teaching advanced players to progress

Materials designed for teaching more advanced guitar players

Above you can see some of our materials designed to help guitar teachers to work with players who are looking to move beyond the intermediate stage. We have a series of resources dealing with all seven modes and a whole load of stuff that gets students thinking about how music works rather than just where to put their fingers in order to get a nice noise

"Play With Your Brain Not With Your Hands"

An important part of helping students to master this phase of learning the guitar is to encourage our students to "play the guitar with their brains rather than with their hands During the earlier beginner and intermediate stages of playing it is desirable that music theory takes a back seat while our students develop a physical capability on the instrument but it is equally important that when the time is right they are encouraged and enabled to understand what they are playing and why rather than just where we (or a youtube video) told them to put their fingers

How to write songs on a guitar

How to help your guitar students to write songs

Playing (and teaching) guitar is not all about the technical approach. We also have materials designed to allow guitar students to explore and understand some of the more creative and artistic elements of becoming and effective musician

Follow the link below to see more about helping our students to understand how to construct chord sequences that work every time

So as you can determine the quality of the material that we already provide to guitar and bass teachers around The Globe just follow the link at the bottom of this page.
You will be directed to a part of the site from where you can download more than 20 free guitar teaching handouts. You can just print them and then use them with our blessing regardless of whether or not you decide to purchase any of the teachwombat materials.

We provide guitar and bass guitar teachers all over the world with the professional quality resources that they require in order to remain one step ahead of the competition. We also offer you invaluable and direct help with marketing and promoting your guitar or bass teaching business with our simple but remarkably effective guitar teacher's business card designs.

Teachwombat also offers aid to guitar and bass instructors by featuring a wide range of articles relevant to particular situations in which guitar or bass teachers might face during the course of a normal working day such as the provision of guitar instruction to young children or small group work etc..

The site also provides advice centred around teaching a first guitar lesson and many other related areas. Another positive feature of our of material is that they do not feature our logo stuck all over them. Because of this your customers (and your competition!) won't know where you found us.

start guitar teaching with these resources

The picture above features just some of the sheets that form part of the guitar teacher's toolkit

Blank Guitar Teaching Templates - Customise Your Teaching!

The Guitar and Bass Teacher's Toolkits contain a huge variety of blank necks, chord grids, tablature and standard notation sheets. These products are designed so that you can use them as you go or even better, they allow a guitar or bass teacher to prepare favourite or often used lessons and examples in advance.

The picture below shows just a few of the blank resources. You will find guitar teaching sheets that combine chord grids and necks with tablature and notation. You can be sure that that you will always be able to impress your customers with a professional looking handout to help them understand the concepts that you need to get over to them.

Any experienced guitar or bass instructor knows the value of excellent preparation and by making use of a scanner or photocopier these "blank" elements of the toolkits allow you to build up a library of favourite or often used guitar teaching content as you go.

guitar handouts

Above you can see just a few examples of the blank guitar and bass teacher's handouts .

guitar teachers backing track download

Backing Tracks and Handouts Package for Guitar Teachers

easy chords backing tracks

In addition to the paper based products that we make teachwombat has just introduced a "Backing Tracks and Handouts Package" designed to dovetail smoothly with our existing materials.

We have produced a set of TWENTY downloadable guitar backing tracks with accompanying handouts featuring the easy guitar chord diagrams to go along with them. These materials have been especially designed to be used not only for novice guitar players learning open position chords but also for intermediate standard students who need to work on bar chords and guitar soloing techniques etc. You can simply drop the tracks onto CD's for your pupils or even email them to your customers safe in the knowledge that they won't just be practicing the chord shapes but will be working towards playing them in time to the music.

The chord sequences featured on the Backing Tracks are largely based around the CAGED Guitar system which is used by teachers around the World as a way of developing novice musicians. The Chords in open position are C A Am G E Em D and Dm (hence CAGED).For absolute beginners this means that they are exposed to a set of open position chords generally regarded as the easiest and most useful to learn.
The backing tracks and handouts in the package are directed not only at total beginners but at the intermediate level players who need to develop skills with relation to bar chords/knowledge of the neck etc. To this end some of the handouts feature bar chord root finders as well as the relevant chord diagrams.

The backing tracks encourage a student not only to learn the shapes and change from one to the other but more importantly to make those changes in time with the music.

Its the distinction between awareness of the chords and familiarity with them. In educational terms this makes a huge difference to a guitar student's progress

how to start teaching guitar with backing tracks

Click This Text To Download Free Backing Track

for A-D-G-A Chord Progression

The backing track can be used to help students develop the ability to play open chords, bar chords or to solo (maybe using the Am pentatonic scale?)
In the backing tracks and handouts package we have sheets that you can distribute to your students for each of these outcomes

"The BIG Guitar Chord Grids"

Aside from the 100+ sheets that make up the Guitar Teacher's Toolkit you will get a free download featuring another 100 GIANT (letter sized) Individual Guitar Chord Charts that we call the "Big Grids". The Big Grids are quite simply giant sized versions of the chords that you need as an instrumental teacher.

At first they were limited to being the seven chords of the basic caged system (the shapes that novice guitarists should learn first) but they have been added to and expanded to include loads of more advanced material.
The sheets were originally intended to be used during group guitar tuition. The idea was that the sheets would be printed onto stiff card or laminated and a guitar teacher would be able to display the giant chords to the entire student group as required.

This works a treat and the BIG GRIDS are an invaluable guitar teaching resource for those who earn a living teaching guitar to groups of players (evening classes etc).

guitar lesson chord sheets

"The Big Grids" have developed to have another life all of their own.

The situation was that guitar students from the group sessions began to request copies of the grids to stick on their own walls at home. It then turned out that students who took individual lessons were just as keen to have access to what one of them called “The Big Wall Of Knowledge”

This is probably no surprise. When you come to think about it the majority of folks who learn to play the guitar tend to practice in a bedroom or a study room where they are able to decorate the walls with all manner of things.  If the stuff that they need to study is right there in front of them then they don’t even have to get up from the chair (or the bed!) to look up the chord shapes that they need. They say that all good ideas are essentially simple ones?

You can give your guitar students the grids in any way you want. A very popular method seems to be the "Chord of the week" method by which they get to stick them on your wall one at a time gradually building up their own "wall of knowledge".

Many guitar teachers choose to line the walls of their teaching studios with the big grids (they look great printed out on high quality paper) as an aid to teaching. It looks fantastic and pointing at a giant chord shape on the wall can be preferable to squinting at a diagram three feet away on a music stand?

Get the Big Grids free when you buy the Guitar and Bass Teacher's toolkits for only $15

Administrating a Guitar Teaching Business

Part of the guitar teacher's toolkit are a selection of guitar themed business card designs that you can just import into any photo editing package and then from there its simple to add your own text.
The files are presented in ordainary jpeg format allowing you to originate the professional looking material required to promote your business . they can also be used to provide the basis for "camera ready" artwork for any publications or websites that you may use for advertising purposes

Another handy feature of the materials is that they don't feature our logo all over them. That way your customers (and your competition!) won't know where you found them.
jazz guitar business card

Great teacher/player but not very well organised?

There is an extremely useful guitar teaching diary and accounting system that comes with both the guitar and bass teaching toolkit. The teacher's diary and appointment sheets allow you to record details of daily or weekly income and expenditure as you go.

Say goodbye to that sinking feeling that you get when you open the door to a lesson you forgot that you booked or worse still opening it and finding two students that you accidentaly told to come at the same time!

The diary and accounting systemtakes the hassle out of booking appointments and doing the annual accounts.
The flexible system gives you a choice of"day to view" or "week to view&" diary form and it also contains separate sheets so that you can record details of expenditure etc if required.

It's the boring stuff and not the reason why we teach guitar and bass guitar but since it has to be done we might as well make it as easy and stress free as possible?
guitar teaching resources diary

The picture above shows the elements of the guitar teacher's diary and appointments system

Bass Guitar Teaching Resources

A lifetime's supply of professional Bass Guitar teaching resources for only $10.00!!

Download the Bass Guitar Teaching package now

The Bass Teacher's Toolkit is made up of over more than sixty handouts (that's why it's less expensive than the guitar one). It covers just about everything that you need to teach bass guitar for a living.

The kit contains printable handouts featuring Chord Arpeggios, Scales and Modes along with a range of Blank Bass Guitar necks and Bass Tab Sheets that you can fill in as required. Like the guitar package the material presented will guarrantee that you are ready for any teaching situation.

This allows any bass teacher to free up the time that they spend preparing and get on with the profitable and enjoyable part of teaching bass guitar


Heres a picture of just a few of the teachwombat bass guitar teacher's handouts

bass guitar teaching handouts

the Guitar and bass teacher's Toolkits

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The Deluxe Package

All of the handouts and backing tracks that you see on this website in a single great value bundle!

Guitar Teacher's Toolkit
Plus the Backing Tracks and Handouts Pack
Kids Guitar Resources
Bass Teacher's Toolkit
And 100 Giant (letter sized)Chord Grids

Everything you need to start or improve a guitar teaching business! It's all there!

Only $25.00

You can pay with a credit card (via PayPal) or with a PayPal account if you have one.

They take care of the payment side and you can be sure that we never get to see your credit card details