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Guitar Teaching Resources

guitar teaching resources to download

The Deluxe Package:
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Guitar Teaching Resources

A quick look at what you will get if you decide to buy the $25.00 "Deluxe Download"

 guitar teacher's PDF resources to download and print

Over 400 PDfs and dozens of backing tracks to help you to start or improve a guitar teaching business

The Guitar Teachers Toolkit

The "Guitar Teacher's Toolkit" that makes up part of the download contains more than 150 sheets of printable PDF resources that get down to the real "nitty gritty" of teaching the guitar.

Chords, scales, customisable blank chord and neck diagrams as well as a whole range of resources that will help a guitar teacher to explain music theory and songwriting concepts and techniques. Follow the links above to find out more about the printed resources that every guitar teacher will find makes their life easier and their lessons better

guitar teaching printed resources to download

35 Backing Tracks and 60+ Handouts

You also get our backing Tracks and Handouts download containing 35 MP3 Backing Tracks and over 60 PDF Chord sheets and teaching aids designed to accompany them

The backing tracks (along with the handouts and chord sheets that go along with them) offer a guitar teacher an easy to use "joined up" resource that offers a structured way through guitar lessons and they are designed to be used not only to help a beginner master the basics of guitar but to help develop skills like forming and playing bar chords and developing soloing capabilities in more advanced players

How to teach kids guitar guitar teaching childrens resources to download

Children's Guitar Teaching Resources

A whole load of resources (more than 70 child friendly PDFs) based around the backing tracks geared towards teaching younger people to play the guitar

Kids need to learn to move between the same eight chords as older learners but because they are unlikely to commit to an unspecified period of hard work for a reward (a better technique) at some indeterminate point in the future we have to trick them into learning while they think they are having loads of fun

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Guitar Music Theory Handouts

guitar music theory resources to download

After the first phase of guitar playing (moving comfortably between the eight chords best for beginners) is in the bag then it is time to start "drip feeding" music theory into guitar lessons

Material dealing with questions such as.....

"what chords can I use to write a song?"

"How do scales make chords?"


"How are chords combined into keys?"

should be introduced alongside more advanced (bar) chord shapes and single note/solo material

find out more about when and how to introduce music theory to your guitar students.....

blank guitar necks Blank Necks and Chord Sheets

Customise Your Own Handouts

More than thirty blank neck, chord and tab sheets that will allow you to "custom build" your own handouts

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How to write songs on guitar

Songwriting on Guitar

Help your students to recognise how effective chord sequences are put together

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How to teach more advanced guitarists

find out more about teaching advanced players.....

Teaching Guitar Modes

Teach an introduction to Jazz Guitar

Download everything that you see on this website to your phone, PC or tablet for only $25.00

guitar teaching giant chord grids  Giant Printable PDF Guitar Chord Grids

100 "Giant Chord Grids" for your teaching room wall

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100 Printable Giant Chord Grids

bass guitar teacher's downloadable materials  How To Teach Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar Teacher' Resources Kit

Over sixty pages of printable bass guitar teaching resources included as a freebie!

guitar and ukulele teaching resources  How To Teach Ukulele

Ukulele Teaching Resources

The ukulele is a fine instrument in its own right and can also be regarded as a "gateway drug" for getting people into playing the guitar.

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Teaching Ukulele

guitar teaching diary and accounts ststem  how to start a guitar teaching business

Administrating a Guitar teaching Business

A few important documents that you can fill in to help you with administration and record keeping for your guitar teaching business. Not the most glamorous part of what we do by any means but it has to be done

Guitar Teacher's Appointments and Accounts System

The Deluxe Package:
Download all of our products for just $25.00

Only $25.00

the teachwombat materials

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