qualifications required to teach guitar

Do you need qualifications to teach guitar?

The short answer to the above question is "Yes and No"

"Yes" (you will probably need qualifications) if you are seeking work in schools and colleges and "No" (you wont need any) if you teach privately from home (or if you visit your students in their own homes) Teaching guitar in a school or college environment is one of the three basic types of guitar teaching job that you can find out more about by following the link

Regardless of where you teach though, you will need two things in order to be able to do the job properly

The first is......

1: Knowledge capability and experience relevant to the people that you set out to teach

The second is.........

2: The ability to communicate effectively with your customers

Guitar Knowledge and Capability:

If you are a reasonable standard intermediate guitarist there is no reason why you cannot be a very effective guitar teacher with or without either qualifications or recognised grades just so long as you set out to teach guitar to the right customers in the right way

We have a more detailed article themed around the subject of How good do you need to be in order to teach guitar? here This site also features detailed information and lesson plans for a series of guitar lessons aimed at an absolute beginner or a whole “mini-site” which covers teaching children to play guitar  that you may find interesting or you may choose to stay on this page and take a closer look at the business of guitar teaching (with or without qualifications) from the point of view of being able to do it effectively

There are basically two types of novice guitar student

1: Grown ups who decide that since they always wanted to play the guitar it’s “now of never”

2: Young kids (I take them from the age of eight) or teenagers who wish to learn to play because it seems like a fun thing to do or?

One of the nice things about both groups is that in the early stages you cover the same ground (albeit in slightly different ways?) Complete beginners need only (at this stage) to learn how to change between chords and how to strum those chords in time? It’s as simple as that.

An idea for a “good” intermediate standard player who wishes to explore the possibility of developing a long term career as a guitar instructor is to get teaching experience (and income!) from working with beginners whilst at the same time studying towards gaining the recognised qualifications and grades that will allow them to progress “up the teaching ladder” (to schools and colleges). A(by no means small!) advantage of following this path is that by doing so you will also become a better player (guaranteed!)

Teaching guitar in Schools and Colleges

No matter how "good" you are as a player and performer, if you wish to teach guitar in school and college situations then realistically you will probably need to have recognised grades and qualifications if only so that the people who dish the jobs out (who are most probably not guitar players?) can justify your appointment to their superiors.

guitar teaching jobs at home

Teaching Guitar in your Own Home

If you wish to teach guitar in your own home you will not be required to have any qualifications (after all its your house and what you legally do in it is your business) but that is not to say that every home is geared up for a successful guitar teaching practice I used to teach in my own home at the start of my guitar teaching career and I wouldn't have missed those years for the world but it is fair to say that after all these years and with the changes to domestic life that children etc brings I would not be over keen on returning to this way of teaching I was a qualified teacher at that stage but as far as I can remember nobody ever asked to see my certificates during all of the years that I taught from home

If you have an interest in the more theoretical side of guitar teaching you could take a ride over to our guitar pedagogy page which takes a closer look at theory, technique and repertoire, the "three pillars of guitar teaching wisdom"
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