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Backing Tracks For Guitar Teachers

Backing Tracks and Handouts for Guitar Teachers

35 backing tracks and the handouts to go with them that you can download to your phone, tablet or PC designed to help guitar teachers to teach the basics and beyond"

There are over twenty guitar teacher's backing tracks in the original "Deluxe Download" put together in order to get your students "up and running" on guitar from a standing start. They are great for absolute beginners but what about those students who progress through being able to change chords in time to music and who want to move on to the "other stuff" (improvisation and more advanced chord voicings etc)?

Well I've put together a whole new set of backing tracks and while they were originally designed as a "stand alone" product (which is where they may yet end up) I have decided to just throw them into the $25.00 "Deluxe Download" (alongside all of the other resources that you see on this site) for the time being which means that you can get instant access to 35 guitar backing tracks and over 80 chord sheets and handouts to go with them

What follows is (in no particular order) a look at some of the new backing tracks and some material exploring how you might use them in your own lessons

guitar backing in key of E minor

Guitar Backing Tracks: Em Am B7

This progression is similar to the one that introduces the F Chord in that it uses chord shapes that a student already knows (Em and Am) and a new shape (B7). If you take a look at the handouts above you will see that there are two sheets offering a a choice of B7 shapes as well as one which provides the shape for a bar chord of B7. The track is also a great one for improvising lead lines using the Em pentatonic scale and one of the sheets above features guitar necks and blank tab in order to allow you to teach licks, lines and phrases drawn from relevant scales and shapes. It's up to you as a guitar teacher to assess just what your student will find useful

guitar backing track using a chord of A in the key of A

Guitar Backing Tracks: Vamp over a single chord of A

This one is designed to be used to introduce guitar players to soloing and there are loads of relevant handouts in the guitar teachers toolkit to assist with this Above you can see a few handouts themed around the Am Pentatonic scale (great for teaching techniques like bends,slurs and hammer ons) There is also a blank handout (on the bottom right of the picture above) which allows you to specify your own favourite scales, positions fingering and tab to use when teaching your students to compose convincing solos and single note phrases

guitar backing track using 7th chords in the key of A

Guitar Backing Tracks: Amaj7, Dmaj7, E7

Smooth funky stuff going on here using three of the seventh chords (Amaj7, Dmaj7 and E7) that can be found in the key of A. If you take a look at the handouts above you will see that the chords are presented as open position chords and then as moveable four note shapes. There can be a tendency for novice or intermediate players to develop the impression that "full" chords, using as many strings as possible are somehow better than shapes that use four (or even fewer) strings (someone had better tell Nile Rodgers!). As well as being useful for helping to develop a functional knowledge of the guitar neck I use this type of progression to help students to work on choosing where on the neck to play the relevant chord shapes and to help them to construct "intelligent" solos by asking them to choose a "target from each of the chords in the sequence to arrive on as the chord changes

guitar backing track featuring blues riff in E

Guitar Backing Tracks: E Blues Vamp

Think Chicago, Think "Hootchie Cootchie Man" "Bad To The Bone" and "Mannish Boy" If Muddy and Wolf are your thing then this one is a whole heap of fun. Great riff to use alongside E pentatonic minor and Blues Scales with handouts looking at "power chords" and ways that experienced guitar players often "cheat" when it comes to chord fingerings. I use this one to help students develop a "joined up map of the guitar neck" and ask them to play chords and short solo lines in a variety of positions.

guitar backing track in the key of A

Guitar Backing Tracks: Funk Blues A7, D7, E7

A funky bluesy kind of thing (think "Kiss" by Prince) using dominant 7 chords (A7, D7 and E7) This progression is ideal for helping your students to develop an effective "map of the neck" which allows them to move shapes around as well as to combine chords with single note passages (based on the Am pentatonic scale)

Easy Guitar Songs For Kids

This one is included in the update for intermediate players but really it works just as well for beginners after they have mastered changing between open chords in time to music. The groove sounds a lot like it would fit with a song about a state in The Deep South or another themed around werewolves that alarmingly infest England's capital city. Solos in the Bm pentatonic scale seem to work just fine with this one.

guitar backing track in the key of G

Guitar Backing Tracks: Diatonic 7th chords in the key of G

7th chord backing track in the key of G

guitar backing track for the chord of F

Guitar Backing Tracks: The "dreaded" F Chord

Experienced guitar teachers the world over know that you don't try to teach somebody who is relatively new to the guitar how to play the chord of F. Even though music theory is best understood in the key of C (of which F is a very important chord) the chord itself is a nightmare to novice players because they are required to hold down two strings (the E and the B) with a single finger before they have gotten used to working with single strings. The backing track uses two "easy" chords of C and G along with the new F shape. If the F chord is introduced at the right time during a course of study the student will take it in their stride and will be surprised when you tell them that countless would be guitar players simply gave up and became convinced that they would never be able to mater the guitar because they could not get their fingers around the (simple sounding) chord of F

Guitar Backing Tracks: Am, G, F and E

A great progression for getting your students used to changing between (bar?) chords and to help them to relax into putting together meaningful solo passages

guitar backing track introducing a Bm chord

Guitar Backing Tracks: G,Bm,C and D

Open chords on the handout shown but the track is equally useful for getting used to bar chords or for developing single note and solo playing. The Bm chord is one of the most useful chord shapes that a guitarist can learn after the eight chords covered in the beginners lessons as it is another important chord (chord III) in the key of G which is the best key for a beginner to concentrate on during the early weeks and months of guitar playing

guitar backing track blues in Gm

Guitar Backing Tracks: G minor Blues Progression

Track in the style of "Green Onions" or "Help Me" giving your student the opportunity to develop their blues chops. The handout has instructions for a moveable chord riff that can be used throughout the progression and the backing is also perfect for working on lead lines and fills using the G blues or pentatonic minor scales

guitar backing track using diatonic chords in the key of G

Guitar Backing Tracks: Gmaj7, Cmaj7 and D7 Chords

A progression using diatonic 7th chords drawn from the key of G. The handouts above present the chords in both open position and as "moveable" four note shapes. As well as providing an opportunity to become familiar with different versions of the chords this track presents your students with the opportunity to construct solo passages and phrases

guitar backing track F to Dm chord sequence

Guitar Backing Tracks: F to Dm

More material that sets out to get students used to playing the F chord shape. this progression is also a real help when getting used to playing bar chords. The backing track is also a great way to help guitar players to become used to operating in new keys. As well as allowing a guitar player to operate in the key of F Major this track presents an opportunity to solo using the Dm Pentatonic scale

guitar backing track introducing a Bm chord

Open chords again and four note moveable versions so that your students can develop an effective "map of the neck"

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