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Guitar Lessons for an eight year old child

guitar lessons for an eight year old

Guitar Lessons For an Eight Year Old

Eight years of age is a great time to start learning guitar

The "get out clause" All children are different!

Some children of five or six have longer attention spans than kids of nine or ten (and a whole load of adults come to think of it but thats a whole can of worms I am unwilling to open) but the general rule that I use in my own teaching is that for individual (short) lessons around the age of six or seven is the earliest that kids tend to be focussed enough to progress and for group lessons a couple of years later is an ideal time to start

There have been exceptions to the above but as a broad brush approach it seems to work (for me anyway)

Kids want fun and they want it now!

The main difference between teaching children and adults to play guitar is not in what you teach them They both need to know the same eight chord shapes and they both need to be presented with materials and activities that will develop the ability to move between those shapes strumming in time to music Adults and teenagers "get" the idea that they more they practice the better they can expect to become Kids (quite rightly) just want to have fun and they waant to have fun now If something isn't fun they are going to stop doing it as quickly as possible

Download Free Kids Guitar Lesson Plan PDFs

I have a whole page themed around how helping kids to learn to play guitar is a whole lot better than waiting to lose them (and their personalities) to cell phones

"Developing musical skills and capabilities makes you happier than you would otherwise be"

Find out more about creative flow from this BBC article

A child of eight can be like a sponge, soaking up (well presented) knowledge and experience

Help them to learn to play guitar before phones take over their lives!

Is Eight Too Young To Learn Guitar?

Giving guitar lessons to an eight year old child can be fun and rewarding but it also has it's challenges, You need to keep the child entertained and the resources on this page will help you to do just that. Children in this age bracket are (quite rightly) not prepared to willingly tolerate any activity that isn't fun NOW.

Teaching Kids To "Really" Play The Guitar

If you would like to take a closer look at ther whole business of teaching guitar to young children you can visit our teaching children to play the guitar page which also gives you access to a whole range of free guitar teachers materials such as this guitar lesson plan suitable for an eight year old to download that goes along with a first childrens guitar lesson

Guitar Lessons For An Eight Year Old

What are reasonable and realistic targets for someone helping a younger child to play the guitar?

Over the first few weeks and months of what could now be describes as a guitar playing "journey" (sorry a little bit of sick came up in my mouth then) the objectives are wonderfully simple and the desired outcomes are exacttly the same for younger and adult students of the guitar

Objective 1

Learn to form and strum the eight chords that are the easiest to play and the most useful to know

Objective 2

Become familiar with moving between those chords in time to music

It REALLY is that simple!

If you like the idea of children doing something better with their lives than poking smartphones then the idea of helping them to a position where "creative flow" is a regularly occuring state then encouraging and enabling them to learn to play any musical instrument (not just guitar) seems like a no brainer

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Much cleverer people than me who understand way more than me about how thic "internet marketing" malarkey works tell me in no uncertain terms that I am "doing the internet wrong"

They say (probably quite correctly) that I should split the resources into several $25.00 packages, each covering a different area of guitar teaching (beginners, advanced, jazz, children's resources etc)

They say that rather than just selling a one off download for a frankly rediculously low price I should have guitar teachers enrol in a "club" with monthly payments and newsletters with "tips of the week" and loads of other ways to part people from their hard earned money

The truth is it makes me queasy and I dont want to do it I'd much rather just sell a one off download of the stuff that you need to teach guitar than spend forever (or until you cancel the subscription) chasing you around cyberspace dreaming up new ways to get your cash into my pocket

Tour the site to take a look at the resources that I use (and sell!) for teaching younger and older students alike or have a look at the first of a series of guitar lessons suitable for kids of around eight years old. There are loads of free resources that you can download and use (even if you decide not to purchase the paid for materials)

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Download all of the resources on this website for just $25.00

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The Deluxe Package:
Download all of the resources on this website for just $25.00