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Download a whole load of FREE Guitar Teaching Resources

free guitar teaching resources

Carry on down this page to download a whole load of free guitar teaching resources to your phone, tablet or PC......

If you like you can go right to our page looking at teaching a series of guitar lessons to an absolute beginner or our teaching guitar to kids area Alternately you are very welcome to stay on this page to get a whole load of free guitar and bass teaching resources that you can print and/or photocopy and use at your leisure.
Even though we would say that you can't get much of a better deal than paying $25.00 for the guitar and bass teaching resources that will last you a lifetime some folks just can't get enough of free stuff!

Free Guitar Lesson Plans: Two Incredibly Useful PDFs To Download Now

guitar lesson plans for kids and adults
guitar lesson plans for kids

Get a free backing track and the handouts that go along with it

Although not suitable for a very first guitar lesson as the track moves a little too quickly and as a consequence the chord changes come along a little faster than most absolute beginners will be able to handle (and its important to make sure that the tasks given match up to the capabilities that they have already developed if you don't want to discourage your students) this material will let you know sme of what we're about as well as letting you know that our resources will download easily and efficiently to your phone, tablet or PC

guitar backing tracks to download

Hear The FREE Backing Track

Hear More of the Backing Tracks

There are over thirty more of the backing tracks and you can hear a snippet of just about all of them and take a look at the printed materials that go along with them by following the link to our backing tracks section of this website

Guitar Music Theory Major Scales PDF

Major Scales are just about the most important concept that any guitarist can learn if for no other reason that all other scales and modes are understood via their relationship (or otherwise) to the collection of whole-step and half-step intervals that combine to make up any Major Scale

guitar music theory explained

Use the link above to get a free music theory handout dealing with just about the most important thing (the concept of Major Scales and a way of seeing that they are all follow the same formula) that any guitar player can learn with relation to music theory

Download the FREE advanced guitar teaching aids and teacher's notes that you can see below

guitar music theory teacher's download

More Advanced Guitar Teaching Resources

In addition to the materials aimed at beginners we also have a range of guitar teaching materials designed to help our students to realise that music theory is a tool to be utilised rather than an obstacle to be avoided or overcome. The freebie that you can get (shown in the illustration above) by following the link below this text helps demonstrate to our students that all keys are the same and how within each key there are a bunch of "useful" chords that can be identified quickly and correctly

Click the link below to download a PDF containing all of the material that you can see in the image above

There are a whole load of resources and teacher's notes/explanations in the PDF that are designed to provide insight into the way that effective guitar teaching works

Free Children's Guitar Teaching Resources

free kids guitar teaching resources
Here at teachwombat we have over eighty PDF's designed to help you to teach kids to play the guitar as well as a whole load of other stuff aimed at older kids and adults
 kid's first guitar lesson certificate

Get a Free Certificate designed to go along with a child's first guitar lesson

Recognise achievement from the very first lesson!

free kids guitar  chord teaching resources
The main difference in lesson content between the early stages of teaching children to play guitar and the same stage for adults is that kids sometimes find stretching their fingers across the entire width of the guitar neck a bit too challenging in the early stages. To solve this problem guitar teachers introduce their younger students to "reduced" (one finger) versions of three of the eight chords that any beginner should learn first
Above you can see some of our guitar chord shapes especially prepared for younger guitar students and below you will see a link that will allow you to print the poster for the C chord

There are two more free posters to print that kids can colour and stick on their bedroom walls on our teaching kids guitar page

free kids guitar  chord teaching resources
On this site we have a set of pages dedicated to a series of first guitar lessons for children. Each of the first five kids guitar lesson pages pages features a free to download certificate of achievement for your younger students. You can see the certificates in the illustration above. Go to the
Kids Guitar Lesson Number 1 page and then visit the next four pages to get this series of very useful guitar teaching resources
free guitar syllabus

Each of the first four kids lesson pages (lesson 5 is a recap session) also has a free "at a glance" full page lesson plan that you can print (or "screenshot") to give you access to a ready reminder of the activities to be carried out during the course of the lesson

Use this link to Download the Full Backing Track that you can hear a short snippet of above and then visit our Backing Tracks Page to download the four handouts illustrated above (covering open chords, kids chords, bar chords and solo lines) that accompany the track

See all of the resources in the download

encourage guitar students to practice with this log

Encourage your students to practice more

A common situation that I find myself in is that sometimes my students are obsessed with guitars to the extent that they can seem more like collectors than players. They can spend a whole lot of hard earned money convinced that by buying more and better guitars they somehow become a better player. They often spend hours on the internet becoming becoming ever more knowledgable about guitars but in many cases that does not seem to translate into a huge improvement to their playing. This sheet is a fun and satisfying way way of getting them to play more and to play better by not allowing themselves to buy a new guitar until they have "earned" it.

All they need to do is decide upon a budget and pay themselves an hourly rate to practice. When they have practiced enough then they can "allow" themselves to buy the new guitar. The "rate of pay" can be varied in accordance with their personal circumstances and the price of the new guitar that they wish to own but fifty hours or real practice should see an improvement in the player who then feels good about awarding themselves a $500.00 guitar as the reward for the progress that they just made. It seems a bit silly but in some cases it has proved to be VERY effective.

For some students this can make all of the difference. Suddenly they have a clearly defined goal with a reward at the end of it. All thet you need to do is to remind them what practice is.

Practice is not.....

Noodling around on the guitar and going through things they can already play (usually riffs, the beginning bits of solos and introductions)

Practice is.....

The study and repeat of scales and arpeggios and extending a students repertoire of techniques songs and styles. In short it is working on things that they can't yet do. Learning a new song (all of the way through- with an ending, not just the intro). Applying themselves to music theory or working on the basics of a new style (eg Jazz, Country, Funk, Folk, Fingerpicking, Blues etc) with which they are unfamiliar. Practice is that which makes them a better guitar player and not just something to distract them till its time to log on to the internet in order to argue with some other plonker about the best kind of pickup magnets

Click the link below to download and print the practice log in the graphic above

guitar music theory teacher's download

More advanced Guitar Teaching Resources

In addition to the materials aimed at beginners we also have a range of guitar teaching materials designed to help our students to realise that music theory is a tool to be utilised rather than an obstacle to be avoided or overcome. The freebie that you can get (shown in the illustration above) by following the link below this text helps demonstrate to our students that ll keys are the same and how within those keys are contained a bunch of "useful" chords that can be identified quickly and correctly

Click the link below to download a PDF containing all of the material that you can see in the image above

There are a whole load of resources and teacher's notes/explanations in the PDF that are designed to provide insight into the way that effective guitar teaching works

Teaching Jazz Guitar to intermediate and advanced students

Download Twenty Free Giant Chord Grids Now!

The download contains 100 Giant Chord Grids but you can get twenty of them here as a freebie

They can be used during guitar lessons (they are particularly useful for group lessons) or just put them up on your teaching studio wall to give you what one of my students called "the coolest wallpaper on the planet"

printable guitar chord diagrams

Blank Bass Necks - Guitar Tab and Chord Grids

Free Bass Teaching ResourcesOne from our Bass Guitar Teacher's Toolkit.

A Blank five string bass neck that you can print or photocopy before using as the basis for your own tuition.

Use this blank to make your own handouts (scan or photocopy them for repeated use).
This is just one of the many blank necks, chord grids tab and notation sheets that can be found in the teachwombat Guitar and Bass Teacher's Toolkits the material allows you to make up your own professional looking teaching aids themed around the songs,scales or chord progressions that you want to teach.

Guitar Scales for Teachers

Minor Bar Chord with A string root noteAnother one from the Guitar Teacher's Toolkit this time featuring the A (natural) Minor Scale through one and two octaves along with a scale formulae and a suggested fretting hand fingering. .

Feel Free to use this sheet in the course of your guitar tuition.

Smooth running for your Guitar Teaching business

Guitar teaching business helpAnother sheet taken from the Guitar Guitar Teacher's Toolkit.

The second sheet of a Simple Musicians Accounts system that is designed to help you to make the boring but neccesary paperwork associated with any business as pain free as possible.

Its not the reason that any of us choose to teach guitar or bass for a living but it has to be done.
The musician's accounts sheets have space for income and expenditure relating to tuition and gig income as well as an easy to use diary and appointments system.

Guitar Chord Grids: Giant "Letter Sized Study Aids"

Free Chord DiagramsClick the image to the left to get Just one of the giant guitar chord grids that you can distribute to your students and/or stick up on the walls of your teaching studio.

If you like what you see then go to the BIG GRIDS page where you can download a file with more than twenty of them completely free of charge.

The charts are ideal for guitar teachers involved in group teaching (just stick them up where the whole group can see them). These diagrams are also a great resource to distribute to your guitar students. Your customers can stick them on their own walls at home as a cool looking study aid. There are many posters that you can get displaying tiny versions of hundereds of guitar chords but the problem is that you have to get up real close and squint at a tiny diagram. the BIG GRIDS turns that idea on it's head. Your students can study guitar chord diagrams without even getting out of bed if they want to.

guitar teaching resources


Click This Text To Download over 20 BIG GRIDS now

The picture below shows some of the more advanced "jazz guitar chord shapes" but they're all in there. Major chords, minor chords, barre chords. From the simplest open position shapes that are perfect for a beginner through to the ones that leave your fingers in a twisted bleeding knot!

Download and print more than twenty of them right away or just store them on your hard drive until you need them

guitar chord resources

free ukulele teaching resources

A recent addition to our download (and remember that you get everything that you can see on the website for a single payment of $25.00) are the Ukulele Teaching Resources.

Ukuleles are becoming ever more popular in the modern music classroom and as well as having the advantage of being cheap and portable they sound great and are easy to play on a rudimentary level. They are wonderful things in their own right but it is also possible to regard a ukulele as the ideal "gateway drug" to guitar playing

Get All of our Resources in a Single $25.00 Download?

Over 350 printable Sheets and 35 backing Tracks in a single Download.... All of the teachwombat products

The "Deluxe" Package contains......................................................................

The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

The "nuts and bolts of any guitar teaching business?
Scales, Open Chords,Power Chords, Bar Chords, Blank Necks, Empty Guitar Tab Sheets as well as Chord Grids and Fingering Excercises.
how to teach guitar More than 100 handouts featuring Scales, Open Chords, Bar chords, Power Chords, Major, Minor, Pentatonic and Blues Scales plus loads of blank neck, chord and tab sheets to ensure that you are never stuck for the materials that you need to get your message over?

You also get the business card designs and the guitar teacher's appointment/accounts pages to help you to administrate and promote your business

You also get...........

The Guitar Backing Tracks and Handouts Package
(great for teaching kids and adults alike!)

how to teach guitar lessons

Drop them onto CD's or email them to your Guitar Students?

An invaluable aid for teaching both rhythm and lead guitar." If they can't play in time then they can't play?"

Plus 100 Giant (letter sized) Guitar Chord Grids

teach guitar
Above you can see just some of the 100 "GIANT" (letter sized) Chord Grids along with some "reduced" guitar chord shapes for use in kid's guitar lessons that you can come as part of the "Deluxe Download". Laminate them for display during group guitar lessons, or distribute them as "mini posters" to your guitar students (kids love them!). Alternatively you can just stick them up on your teaching studio wall?

The "Coolest Wallpaper on the planet?"

Also included as a "freebie" in the "Deluxe Download" is.........

The Bass Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

guitar teaching resources
Over 60 Handouts for anyone who already teaches (or who wishes to teach) bass guitar covering Scales, Chords, Fingering Exercises etc

Thats Over 350 Sheets and 35 backing tracks to Download and use TODAY!

Teaching guitar sure beats a day job?
The teachwombat guitar teaching toolkits give you just about everything you need to start or improve a guitar teaching business!

All of the resources that you see on this site for only $25.00

Buy your guitar and bass teaching toolkits in complete safety via any major credit card (through paypal) or directly through your paypal account if you have one. If you choose to use a credit card, rest assured that we never see your credit card details as paypal do all of that for us.

When Paypal receive your payment you will be immediately invited to click a


You will be taken to a page from where you can download the guitar teaching products that you have paid for NOW!
In the (rare) event that something should go wrong with the order/download process just email me at
I will check the order and send you the links that will get you to your guitar teaching stuff.

Cheers! Rob!

Still not sure if Guitar Teaching is for you?
Click the image below to download a whole bunch of free Guitar Lesson Plans

teaching guitar

teaching guitar