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Blank Printable Guitar Necks

Printable blank guitar neck diagrams

Printable blank guitar necks, chord and tab sheets that allow you to teach guitar the way that you want to

The $25.00 "Deluxe Download" (containing everything that you see on this website) also features a whole bunch of blank guitar necks so that you can teach guitar the way that you want to

If you look at the illustration above you will see some of the blank guitar neck printable handouts There are sheets that feature either one or two necks as well as some that feature tablature and short musical staff for to accomodate chord sequences etc

The handouts are an invaluable aid to teaching If you look at the sheet above to the left you will see that the handout features a block at the top (for the title of the song or the subject that you are working on) Below that is a short line of musical staff in which you can write the (chord or) chords that you are dealing with On the left is a guitar neck upon which you can illustrate the scale that you are using and then finally to the right are four lines of tab upon which you can provide your student with the single note patterns (with all of the bends, hammers and slurs etc) that you wish them to study and engage

The materials on this page are great on their own but are even more effective when used alongside the 35 Guitar Teacher's Backing Tracks that form (just) part of our "Deluxe Download"

Using blank guitar necks along with backing tracks, tab sheets and chord grids to help your students to solo

You could use the backing track below (which is just a single chord of A played repeatedly with a standard rock feel) to work with a student helping to make them familiar with the single note possibilities of a (A pentatonic minor?) scale Illustrate the scale on the blank guitar neck and then go on to demonstrate and write down a series of single note patterns drawn from it at the end of the lesson your student has a backing track to play along with (you can even email it to them!) and a detailed graphic reminder of the material discussed in the lesson

We also have 20 more sheets that do not feature blank necks but which present various combinations of chord,staff and tab grids designed to ensure that you are covered for almost any guitar teaching situation

blank guitar chords and tab sheets

Below you can see three sheets that feature chord grids and guitar tab I find them very useful for communicating to students the way in which many single note guitar riffs and figures are really just based upon chord shapes (something that can often be missed when dealing with tab only or notation come to think of it) All I do is (if you look at the sheet to the left of the picture) fill in the chord on the left and tab out the single note phrase or figure on the tab immediately to the right of the chord grid making the connection between the two clear and obvious

how to teach kids and adults to play guitar with tab

Above you can see some of our range of materials originated with children in mind. Kids love them. You can see more of our resources aimed at younger guitar slingers by going to our page which features Kids guitar teaching resources and FREE lesson plans to download now

how to teach group kids to play guitar with blank chord and tab sheets

Below you can view a video that lets you see how you may choose to use the blank resources to fit in with the way that you want to teach guitar to children. I am presenting a version of the universal "nah-nah-na-nah-na" thing that children everywhere sing at the drop of a hat.I tell them that under no circumstances must they play it while poking their tongue out at a guitar teacher (intant Gene Simmons from Kiss?) with predictable results

blank tab and chord grids for guitar teachers

The Deluxe Package:
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The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

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100 printable sheets covering Open Chords-Bar Chords-Scales- Modes- Blank Fretboard and Chord Grids Teaching Diary and Business Card Designs

The Backing Tracks and Handouts Package

help to become a guitar teacher in schools
35 Backing Tracks and over 80 Handouts to go with them. An invaluable aid designed to help you to teach both rhythm and lead guitar." If they can't play in time then they can't play?"

The Kids Guitar Teaching Resources

how to teach guitar in schools
A whole load of resources especially prepared for younger guitar students. Some of the materials feature one finger chords to get kids off to a flying start on guitar

Plus 100 Giant (letter sized) Chord Grids

 How To Teach  Guitar Chords in a school situation
laminate them in order to help you to teach group guitar lessons, distribute them to your students or just stick on your teaching studio wall? The "Coolest Wallpaper on the planet?"

The Bass Teacher's Toolkit

school bass guitar teaching resources for kids and adults
A freebie featuring Over 60 Bass teaching Handouts covering Scales, Chords, Fingering Exercises etc

Over 400 Sheets to Download and use TODAY!