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Functioning as an ideal companion to the Backing Tracks and Handouts Package for those teachers who like to give their students music to practice along to the teachwombat Big Grids started out as giant (letter sized)) representations of each of the guitar chords to be found in the caged system (the chords that novice guitar players traditionally learn first) but over time they have been added to and expanded to include a good deal of more advanced material and when stuck on a wall or notice board they provide an ideal way for intermediat/advanced players to add to their knowledge and capabilities.

Originally developed for use in situations where a guitar teacher would be working with a group of students (they're ideal for teaching children guitar or for first guitar lessons for beginners) rather than a single pupil.

The thinking behind the big grids was that individual sheets containing a single guitar chord would be laminated or printed on stiff card This would allow the teacher to combine and display them to the entire group as required.

This is still the case of course and the "BIG GRIDS" are an invaluable aid for those who earn a living teaching guitar in group situations.

Strange things began to happen with the BIG GRIDS!

The reality was that guitar students from the groups under instruction started to request copies of the big chords to stick on their own walls at home. It then transpired that thoses students who normally took individual lessons seemed to be just as keen to have access to what one of them enthusiastically named “The BIG Wall Of Knowledge”

The majority of people who set out to learn to play the guitar do their practicing in a bedroom or perhaps a study where they are able to festoon the walls with all manner of things? 

If the reference material that they require is sitting right there in front of them then they don’t even have to bother to get up from the chair (or the bed!) in order to look up the chords that they need to learn.
The fact that (especially when printed on high quality or textured paper) it might also be the coolest looking wallpaper on the planet helps too!

You can give your guitar students the grids in any way you want. A popular method seems to be the "Guitar Chord of the week" method by which they get to stick them on your wall one at a time gradually building up their own "wall of knowledge".


Many guitar teachers choose to line the walls of their teaching studios with the "BIG GRIDS". They also look great printed out on high quality or coloured paper like in the picture below) as an aid to teaching. It looks fantastic and pointing at a giant guitar chord shape on the wall can be preferable to squinting at a diagram three feet away on a music stand?

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There are another 80 BIG GRIDS in the "Guitar Teacher's Toolkit" (that's over 200 Sheets in all!)

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you can

Download over 20 GIANT CHORD GRIDS for your wall FREE.

Giant chords are great Teaching/Learning aids

Study from the comfort of your own bed and have the coolest looking wallpaper on the planet !


Step 1. Go to


Step 2.Go to "BIG GRIDS" Page


Step 3. Click "Download BIG GRIDS now "


You will be taken straight to a link that you can use to download more than 20 Giant Chord Grids

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