How to teach Bass Guitar To A Beginner

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The teachwombat Bass Teacher's Toolkit consists of over more than sixty handouts (that's why it's less expensive than the guitar one). It covers just about everything that you need to teach bass guitar professionally.

It has handouts featuring Scales,Chord Arpeggios and Modes along with a range of Blank Bass Guitar necks and Tab Sheets that you can fill in as required. Just like the guitar package the material here will guarrantee that you are ready for any teaching situation.

This allows any bass teacher to free up the time that they spend preparing and get on with the profitable and enjoyable part of teaching bass guitar


Heres a picture of just a few of the teachwombat bass guitar teacher's handouts

how to teach bass guitar

Free Bass Teaching ResourcesA free sample handout from our Bass Guitar Teacher's Toolkit.

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The Bass Guitar Teachers Resources come as part of the $25.00 Deluxe Download but if you would rather buy them on their own for $10.00 just click the Paypal logo (only to be found) on this page

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