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What ia the best age at which to start learning guitar

the best age for a child to start learning guitar

The Best Age To Start Playing Guitar

What is the "best" age for a child to start playing guitar?

Get them playing guitar early before cell phones eat their lives and their personalities!

The above may be overstating the case (or it may not come to think about it?) but what is increasingly looking like the sad reality is that folks spend way more time than is good for them passively being distracted or deliberately angered by stuff on their phones than by actiually doing what could be called "having a happy and fulfilled life"

This is not the right forum to debate the merits of tech billionaires developing systems and algorhythms designed solely for the purpose of keeping people on their platforms for as long as possible so that they may occasionally click a sponsored post with absoulutely no regard as to whether the stuff they are watching is good for them or even remotely true but I'm going to do it anyway

Do you waste too much of your life scrolling through rubbish?

Have you ever spent too much time on social media and then when you finally stop scrolling you feel angrier and more unhappy than when you started and a bit ashamed of yourself for achieving nothing during the however many hours you were donating your eyes to big business as it tries to get you to click an advertisment?

I'd love to be able to get all smug at you and say that I've never done it but Im afraid that the thruth has at various stages of my life been something else entirely

Do you think its a good idea for children to do it too?

Unless you are a very strange puppy indeed the answer to the above question should be a resounding...


Creative "flow"

Whatever you want to call it having been in a state of "creative flow" is good for you It lowers blood pressure, heart rate and it makes you happier than you were before you were in it and avoiding worthless screen time works out for kids every bit as well as it does for those of us old enough to know better

Musicians, artists, sports folks authors and songwriters have been identified as being ideally placed to benefit from being "in the zone" and I'm not sticking my neck out very far to state .....

"Developing musical skills and capabilities makes you happier than you would otherwise be"

Find out more about creative flow from this BBC article

If you dont have the time or inclination to look at the article here's a quote from it.....'

"Flow is associated with subjective well-being, satisfaction with life and general happiness"

Introducing children to something that will absorb (rather than distract) them would seem like a wonderful thing to do Add that to the fact that the rise of the smart phone has coincided with a fall in the levels of curiosity displayed by young people and worrying research about how screens change the physical way in which young brains develop Learning to play the guitar seems even more like the smart thing to encourage them to do

A child of eight can be like a sponge, soaking up (well presented) knowledge and experience

Help them to learn to play guitar before phones take over their lives?

The best age for a child to learn guitar is any time!

Giving guitar lessons to a child can be fun and rewarding but it also has it's challenges, You need to keep the child entertained and the resources on this page will help you to do just that. Children are (quite rightly) not prepared to willingly tolerate any activity that isn't fun NOW.

Teaching Kids To "Really" Play The Guitar

If you would like to take a closer look at ther whole business of teaching guitar to young children you can visit our teaching children to play the guitar page which also gives you access to a whole range of free guitar teachers materials such as this guitar lesson plan suitable for an eight year old to download that goes along with a first childrens guitar lesson

Guitar Lessons For Children

What are reasonable and realistic targets for someone helping a younger child to play the guitar?

Over the first few weeks and months of what could now be describes as a guitar playing "journey" (sorry a little bit of sick came up in my mouth then) the objectives are wonderfully simple and the desired outcomes are exacttly the same for younger and adult students of the guitar

Objective 1

Learn to form and strum the eight chords that are the easiest to play and the most useful to know

Objective 2

Become familiar with moving between those chords in time to music

It REALLY is that simple!

If you like the idea of children doing something better with their lives than poking smartphones then the idea of helping them to a position where "creative flow" is a regularly occuring state then encouraging and enabling them to learn to play any musical instrument (not just guitar) seems like a no brainer

The Deluxe Package:
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Much cleverer people than me who understand way more than me about how thic "internet marketing" malarkey works tell me in no uncertain terms that I am "doing the internet wrong"

They say (probably quite correctly) that I should split the resources into several $25.00 packages, each covering a different area of guitar teaching (beginners, advanced, jazz, children's resources etc)

They say that rather than just selling a one off download for a frankly rediculously low price I should have guitar teachers enrol in a "club" with monthly payments and newsletters with "tips of the week" and loads of other ways to part people from their hard earned money

The truth is it makes me queasy and I dont want to do it I'd much rather just sell a one off download of the stuff that you need to teach guitar than spend forever (or until you cancel the subscription) chasing you around cyberspace dreaming up new ways to get your cash into my pocket

Tour the site to take a look at the resources that I use (and sell!) for teaching younger and older students alike or have a look at the first of a series of guitar lessons suitable for kids of around eight years old. There are loads of free resources that you can download and use (even if you decide not to purchase the paid for materials)

The Deluxe Package:
Download all of the resources on this website for just $25.00

Only $25.00

the teachwombat materials

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The Deluxe Package:
Download all of the resources on this website for just $25.00