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How To Teach Guitar

How to teach guitar

How to Teach Guitar

Download everything that you need to start a guitar teaching business!

Get a whole range of Guitar Lesson Plans alongside a whole load of Printable Guitar Teaching Resources plus Guitar Teacher's Backing Tracks with Chord Charts and Much Much More....

free guitar teaching  lesson plans

In order to teach guitar you need two things The first is an ability to play the guitar and the second is a plan for teaching it

If you have the ability we can help with the plan

click to.....

Get the plans that you need to make your guitar teaching effective and stress free

You can also download a whole load of FREE guitar teaching resources now

free guitar lesson plans and teaching resources

You can pick up a whole load of our printed guitar teaching resources featuring chords, scales and music theory "explainers" if you follow the link below

how to teach guitar to beginners

Backing Tracks (pitched at the appropriate level) are by far the best way to encourage your students to play in time and "if they can't play the guitar in time then they can't really play guitar"

You can download a free backing track (and the handouts/chord charts that go with it) by following the link below...

how to become a guitar teacher

Experienced guitar teachers tend to ignore music theory in the early stages in favour of developing the ability to fret and strum the basic chords This is not to say that music theory is unimportant but it should be introduced at the right time and at a point where it is actually useful (typically when a student is ready to move on from open chords to bar chords) Find out more and get some free stuff......

Our $25.00 Download contains All of the Guitar Teacher's Backing Tracks, chord sheets and guitar student handouts etc that will allow you to start or improve a guitar teaching business today
($25.00 is probably less than you will be paid for a single lesson)

In addition to the backing tracks and the chord charts etc that go with them you will get over 400 PDFs covering Music theory for Guitar Teachers as well as documents designed to help with the "boring admin side of a guitar teaching business" (follow the links above to find out more)

Becoming a Guitar Teacher

Do you already know how to teach guitar or are you thinking about finding out?

If you have a skill on the guitar combined with an ability to talk and communicate with people, without wanting to resort to "hype" the material that you can download today from this site could be all that you need to change the direction of your working life (or at least help you to make some extra money doing something you love).

Our resources are used by guitar teachers all over the world to make it much easier for them to make a living. Use the links below to look at our materials aimed at both beginner and more advanced students as well as some stuff on the often overlooked subject of helping students to come up with their own original songs

Carry on down this page to find out more about the teachwombat resources

How to teach guitar to beginners

Getting it right from the beginning

The objective is to help your students to learn and be familiar with the best and most useful eight chord shapes that a beginner can learn This site does not offer a "revolutionary original patent guitar teaching method" that I came up with that guarantees years of progress in a single session or any of that kind of nonsense This website is based around what the best guitar teachers on the planet have been quietly doing for decades

Follow the link below to go right to a page that gives you "step by step" instructions for a series of guitar lessons aimed at absolute beginners (the most common type of guitar student out there)

How to teach guitar to a beginner

What to teach first on guitar

Playing In Time With Other Musicians From The Start

If your students can't play guitar in time to a band then they can"t play guitar! Its as simple as that. Follow the link to hear our huge range of guitar backing tracks designed to make sure that beginner guitarists develop a sense of time right from the start

How to teach guitar to an advanced student

Backing Tracks for Intermediate/Advanced Students

We also have a whole range of guitar backing tracks that go beyond the basics to help you to teach more advanced learners that introduce more "involved" chords and help your students to explore a range of styles, grooves and genres

How to teach guitar to a child

How to teach a child guitar

Teach Children To "Really" Play The Guitar

There are also a huge range of resources designed to help you to teach kids to play guitar and which provide a structured plan which takes them from the point where they have never held a guitar to a place where they are comfortable moving at speed between the eight chords that they (and older learners) need to learn first

To find out more about an effective plan for teaching kids to play the guitar the right way from a standing start.........

Go directly to a great first children's guitar lesson

Or for a more detailed overview of how you might teach a child (or groups of children) to play guitar follow the link in the blue box below

Printable blank guitar neck diagrams

Printable blank guitar necks, chord and tab sheets that allow you to teach guitar the way that you want to

Follow the link below to find out more

How to teach music theory to guitar players

Teaching How Music Works At The Right Stage

Music theory has to be introduced to students at the right time. Too soon and it can confuse and hinder progress. Too late and they can be resistant to it because they are already competent technically and they may not like "starting from the beginning" again

How to write songs on a guitar

Develop Your Guitar Student's Creativity From The Start

You don't have to be a great guitar player (yet) to write a great song. The earlier our students get used to the idea that they can be creative almost from the very first stages of playing guitar then the more they are likely to enjoy the whole process. Before they are familiar with the detail of how music theory works they can still derive great benefit from realising that some combinations of chords tend to work better than others and that a whole load of the songs that they know and love have a lot of chord sequences in common

How to teach jazz guitar

A Great Option For Teachers Of More Advanced Students

The reality is that most guitar teachers don't have much call to teach jazz guitar as the vast majority of students either have limited interest in it or are not yet ready to study the form due to a lack of theoretical knowledge and technical capacity. Having said that its a great way of keeping more advanced students stimulated and also a very effective means by which we can stretch ourselves as educators.

How to teach ukulele

Add another string to your teaching bow!

A lot of guitar teachers are branching out and becoming more versatile by teaching ukulele You could join them

The chord shapes (if not the names) should be pretty familiar to anyone who plays guitar and the material here is designed to work with ten of the backing tracks from the download

Developments in technology have created a situation where a guitar teacher can really "travel light"

How to teach guitar using a phone

Start a guitar teaching business from your Phone

We offer a "one stop shop" for guitar teachers that allows them to download our resources to, and teach guitar from a phone, tablet or PC. With the rapid advance of mobile phone technology it is now common for guitar teachers (with access the appropriate kit such as air printers/bluetooth technology/mp3 storage etc) to turn up for work armed with little more than a guitar and a phone

Back to teaching beginners........

You are strongly recommended to take a few minutes to watch video below. It outlines a structured and proven plan for effectively teaching guitar to an absolute beginner and serves to "put flesh onto the bones" of the written and graphic content of this website

How To Teach Begnners to Play Guitar

Teaching guitar to beginners...... Where do we start?......................Well what about............

Help starting a guitar teaching business

Teaching Beginners is "the Bedrock" of a Guitar Teaching Business

There are eight guitar chords that anyone who is a beginner on guitar should learn to play first

The chords used by teachers the world over during the early stages of learning to play the guitar are drawn from the eight beginners chords (C A Am G E Em D and Dm) that go to make up "The CAGED System" These chords are almost universally regarded by those who are experienced in teaching guitar as the first chords that a novice player should learn.

They are the "best" chords because they are easy to form and because they allow students to operate in a couple of "guitar friendly" keys (G and A) when it comes to learning songs etc

There can be quite literally months of effective study and rapid improvement for a beginner guitarist using only the eight chords detailed above

How effective guitar teaching works

If you break the study of guitar down into a series of objectives with measurable and acheivable outcomes (always a good idea when you teach anything, not just guitar) then the early part of a students journey (the first few months of lessons) can be "to master a set of appropriate chords that will allow them to play thousands of songs and to develop the ability to move between those chords comfortably and in time" The chords allow you to teach the novice guitarist to develop the ability to move between the important chords to be found in several common guitar friendly keys (particularly G and A) and in the process become capable of playing literally tens of thousands of songs.

Experienced guitar teachers don't try to teach
"too much too soon"

To a reasonably competent guitarist the ability to play eight chords might not seem like much but it is a reality that guitar players who decide to teach and who are new to teaching often try to do "too much too soon" with novice players (and end up confusing and discouraging them along the way) Experienced practitioners who teach guitar know that (along with a few well chosen single note lines) the chords on our "first guitar chords" sheet (shown above) will supply the basis for months of study for a novice on the guitar.

how to become a guitar teacher

The importance of playing the guitar "in time"

It is not just about learning chord shapes and strumming them on a guitar Guitar teachers encourage their students to play along to backing tracks because doing so obliges the novice guitar player to not only play the chords but to play them in time which if you think about it is an absolute priority (nobody wants to hear or be a musician who has trouble playing in time)

Download A Free Guitar Teacher's Backing Track and some Handouts to go with it to your Phone, Tablet or PC

If you tour this site you will find that there are loads more free guitar teaching resources and handouts to download and you can click this text to Download a whole bunch of GIANT CHORD GRIDS to your Phone, PC or Tablet to distribute to your students or just to stick up on your teaching studio wall

A lifetime supply of Guitar Teaching Resources to help you start as a guitar teacher that will cost you less than you will earn when you teach your first guitar lesson!

guitar teaching resources to download and print

The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

how to become a guitar teacher
100 printable sheets covering Open Chords-Bar Chords-Scales- Modes- Blank Fretboard and Chord Grids Teaching Diary and Business Card Designs

The Backing Tracks and Handouts Package

 help and advice for anyone starting a guitar teaching business
35 Backing Tracks and over 80 Handouts. An invaluable aid designed to help you to teach both rhythm and lead guitar." If they can't play in time then they can't play "

The Kids Guitar Teaching resources

how to teach guitar for a living
A whole load of resources especially prepared for younger guitar students. Some of the materials feature one finger chords to get kids off to a flying start on guitar

Plus 100 Giant (letter sized) Chord Grids

 How To Teach  Guitar Chords
laminate them in order to help you to teach group guitar lessons, distribute them to your students or just stick on your teaching studio wall. The "Coolest Wallpaper on the planet "

The Bass Teacher's Toolkit

guitar teaching resources for kids and adults
A freebie featuring Over 60 Bass teaching Handouts covering Scales, Chords, Fingering Exercises etc

Download EVERYTHING! you see on this site for only $25.00
35 backing tracks and the chord charts and teaching aids that go along with them. Over 400 Sheets to Download and use in your guitar teaching business TODAY!

Starting a Guitar Teaching Business: Chord Handouts

resources to help you to start to teach guitar

From the basic chords that make up the CAGED Guitar system used by experienced educators around the world as a basis for the first few month's lessons for the beginners (who make up the vast majority of most guitar teacher's client lists?) right through all common types of bar chord and on to the more advanced moveable "jazz guitar" shapes. It's all here presented clearly and professionally.

Start Teaching Guitar: Scales Handouts

starting to teach guitar with scales

Major Scales, Minor Scales, Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales with scale formulae and fingerings provided. Clear letter sized diagrams that you can compile into teaching files or just print at the touch of a button as you require it. This material will allow you to teach your guitar students the things that they need to become familiar with in an orderly and well organised way

A wide range of pre pepared sheets (such as the material for advanced teachers on guitar modes etc.)that you can use to help you to communicate ideas licks and chord progressions to your students. You can use this material to take the strain out of making money teaching guitar or bass. The teachwombat toolkits are an invaluable teaching aid that drastically cuts down preparation time allowing you to get on with the profitable and enjoyable stuff!.


Teach Guitar: Blank Guitar Necks and Tab Sheets

Customise your Guitar Teaching!

guitar teaching printable blank guitar necks

As well as the pre prepared stuff The Teaching Toolkits contain loads of handouts featuring blank necks, chord grids, tablature and standard notation sheets. This material is designed so that you can prepare in advance and teach often used or favourite guitar lessons and concepts (scales, chord progressions etc.) over and over again

Below are just a few of the blank handouts. You can teach guitar with sheets that combine chord grids and necks with tab and notation so that there will always be a professional looking background to the information that you need to get accross. Any experienced instrumental teacher knows the value of good preparation and using a scanner or photocopier with these elements of the packages allow you to build up a library of your own favourite or often used guitar teaching content.

Start Teaching Guitar: Backing Tracks

Guitar Teaching Backing Tracks

There are twenty backing tracks (and forty six handouts!)
in our backing tracks package and they have been designed so that you can teach guitar in a variety of ways. Open Chords, Bar Chords, power chords and solos

If you combine the materials in the backing tracks package with the 200+ sheets (including a range of blank diagrams which enable you to construct your own worksheets) you can pretty much be ready for just about any guitar teaching situation that might come along.

You can buy all of the guitar and bass teacher's toolkits and the 100 (Giant Chord Shapes) BIG GRIDS (thats over 260 separate printable handouts!) for less than you will be paid to teach guitar for a single hour? After that it's a lifetime of profit!

How good do you need to be to teach guitar?

CLICK for more information

Marketing and administrating your Guitar Teaching business


The guitar teaching diary and accounting system and musician's diary is included with both the guitar and bass teaching toolkit. The teacher's diary and appointment sheets allow you to record details of daily or weekly income and expenditure as you go.

No more opening the door to a lesson you forgot that you booked or worse still opening the door to two people you accidentaly told to come at the same time!

This stuff takes all of the hassle out of both booking appointments and doing the annual accounts letting you teach the guitar rather than have to worry about the administration? This flexible system offers a choice of "day to view" or "week to view" diary form and the package also contains separate sheets for details of expenditure if required.

It's the boring stuff and not the reason why we teach guitar and bass guitar but since it has to be done we might as well make it as easy and stress free as possible?

guitar teachers accounts and diary system business help


Publicise your Guitar Teaching Business

Included in the guitar teacher's toolkit are a selection of guitar themed business card designs that you can just drop into any photo editing package and add your own text. The files are presented in ordainary jpeg format allowing you to come up with the material that you need to promote your business within minutes. You can also use them to provide the basis for "camera ready" artwork for any publications or websites that you may use for advertising purposes

Another feature of the materials is that they don't feature our logo all over them. That way when you teach guitar your customers (and your competition!) won't know where you found them.

guitar teachers business cards

Get all that you need to teach guitar today for less money than you will receive for a single hour of tuition!.

After that it's a lifetime of profit!


guitar teaching handouts to help you to start teaching guitar

The picture above shows Just over half of the guitar teaching handouts printed out and laid on a floor.
Pre print (or photocopy) the handouts and compile them into teaching files (scales-chords-blanks etc) or just print them as you teach. It's up to you. Either way you'll always be ready for whatever situation or opportunity a lesson throws up.

These materials cost less than a book on teaching guitar and are way more useful than any book could ever hope to be!

We provide Those who teach guitar all over the world with the high quality material that they need in order to make a living.

If this material was presented in more conventional book form it would cost three times as much and would be nowhere near as useful (you can't print any page of a book over and over again anytime you like at the touch of a button).

Ownership of the teachwombat materials gives you a lifetimes supply of professional materials which will be invaluable as you teach guitar for less than you will be paid to teach a single hour of guitar.



Click Here To "Download 20 + FREE BIG GRIDS now"

giant guitar chord grids

If you buy the teachwombat Guitar Teacher's Toolkit you will also get the BIG GUITAR CHORD GRIDS free!
Thats Over 100 huge chord diagrams that you can use when you teach guitar students in groups or just put them on the wall because they look nice. If you don't want to buy our stuff you can still download over 20 of the "Big Grids" for free. Just go to the Big Guitar teaching Chord Grids page and download them with a single click

printable chord grids and guitar neck

The Big Grids were at first quite simply giant sized (A4) representations of each of the chords to be found in the caged guitar system (the chords that beginners should learn first) but they have been added to and expanded to include loads of examples dealing with more advanced material. They were originally developed for use in situations where someone would need to teach guitar to a group of students rather than a single pupil (evening classes etc). The idea was that sheets containing each individual chord would be laminated or printed on stiff card and a teacher could display them to the entire class as required.

This is still the case of course and the materials are an invaluable aid for those who earn a living teaching guitar in group situations.

how to start teaching guitar

Aside from this group based stuff the strange thing is that The Big Guitar Grids have accidentally gone on to have another life all of their own!

The reality was that students in the groups being taught started to request copies of the GIANT Chord sheets to stick on their own walls at home. It then turned out to be the case that students who normally took individual lessons were just as keen to have access to what one of them called “The Wall Of Guitar Knowledge!

When you think about it most people who learn to play the guitar do their individual practice in a bedroom or study where they are able to plaster the wall with all manner of things.  If the reference material that they require is right there in front of them then they don’t even have to get up from the chair (or the bed!) to look up the guitar chords that they need.
All that and it looks pretty cool too!

You can give your students the grids in any way you want. A popular method seems to be the "Guitar Chord Of The Week" method by which they get to stick them on your wall one at a time gradually building up their own "wall of knowledge".


Many people choose to line the walls of their teaching studios with the big grids (they look great printed out on high quality paper) as an aid to help them teach guitar . It looks fantastic and pointing at a giant chord shape on the wall can be preferable to squinting at a diagram three feet away on a music stand.

Bass Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

Bass Guitar Teaching Resources

The bass guitar teaching resources package features Over Sixty Bass guitar Teacher's Handouts (that's why it's cheaper than the guitar one ) covering all that you need to teach bass guitar professionally. Scales, arpeggios, Fingering Exercises and all Bass Guitar Modes plus loads of blank bass necks and sheets that you can fill in as required.
Just like the guitar package the material here will guarrantee that you are ready for any bass teaching situation. Free up the time that you spend in preparation and get on with the profitable and enjoyable part of teaching bass guitar for a living


below are just a few of the teachwombat Bass Guitar Teaching handouts

bass guitar teaching handouts scales and blank necks for a teaching business

resources to help you to start teaching guitar

Everything That you see on this site for a "one off" payment of $25.00

Buy your toolkits in complete safety via any major credit card (through paypal) or directly through your paypal account if you have one. If you choose to use a credit card, rest assured that we never see your credit card details as paypal do all of that for us.

When Paypal receive your payment you will be immediately invited to click a


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I will check the order and send you the links that will get you to your stuff.
Cheers! Rob!

The Deluxe Package:
Download every resource that you can see on this site for just

You will be able to download ............

The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

how to become a guitar teacher
100 printable sheets covering Open Chords-Bar Chords-Scales- Modes- Blank Fretboard and Chord Grids Teaching Diary and Business Card Designs

The Backing Tracks and Handouts Package

how to become a guitar teacher
35 Backing Tracks and over 80 Handouts. An invaluable aid designed to help you to teach both rhythm and lead guitar." If they can't play in time then they can't play "

The Kids Guitar Teaching Resources

how to teach guitar for a job
A whole load of resources especially prepared for younger guitar students. Some of the materials feature one finger chords to get kids off to a flying start on guitar

Plus 100 Giant (letter sized) Chord Grids

 How To Teach  Guitar Chords
laminate them in order to help you to teach group guitar lessons, distribute them to your students or just stick on your teaching studio wall? The "Coolest Wallpaper on the planet "

A System to help you to run your Guitar Teaching Business

 How To start a guitar teaching business

A whole load of sheets to download and print that allow you to keep track of the administrative side of your guitar teaching practice with a lesson booking and accounts system that will make the less "interesting" but vital administrative side of your teaching practice as easy as it can be

The Bass Teacher's Toolkit

bass guitar teaching resources for kids and adults
A freebie featuring Over 60 Bass teaching Handouts covering Scales, Chords, Fingering Exercises etc

Over 400 Sheets to Download and use TODAY!

Start a new business or improve an existing one for Only $25.00

If you like you can but the Bass Teaching Resources as a "stand alone" product

Bass Teacher's Toolkit only $10.00

More than 60 Sheets dealing with scales- Chords- Fingering Exercises and Blank Fretboard Diagrams (for both four and five string instruments)

You can pay with a credit card (via PayPal) or with a PayPal account if you have one.

They take care of the payment side and you can be sure that we never get to see your credit card details

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