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How To Teach Guitar

How to teach guitar

How To Teach Guitar

In order to teach guitar effectively all you need to do is........

1: "Teach the Right Things in the Right Order"


2: Give your student things to do that will make them better players

It really is as simple as that!

Stay on this page for our.........

First Six Free Guitar Lesson Plans

Guitar Lesson 1

Guitar Lesson 2

Guitar Lesson 3

Guitar Lesson 4

Guitar Lesson 5

Guitar Lesson 6

This simple system can be enough to set you up for a lifetime of teaching beginner and intermediate level guitar players

To help you to get started you may like to ........

Download Free Printable Handouts

Or, if you are particularly interested in teaching younger guitar players you should check out our...

Free Kid's Guitar Lesson Plans'

This site gives you a set of Free Beginner's Guitar Lesson Plans that you can use for Teaching Adults and Teens and another "child friendly" set that are perfect for Teaching Children to Play Guitar

Five stage process for effective guitar teaching...

1: Help your guitar students to change between the Eight Best Beginners Chord Shapes in time to music

2: Work on well chosen single note riffs and phrases

3: Bring in Power Chords and Basic Music Theory

4: Introduce Bar Chords and single note lines that use The Pentatonic Minor Scale

5: Move onto more advanced chords and further develop knowledge of practical music theory

Playing In Time To A Band

Help them to play "In Time" from the very start!

Developing the ability to play in time to music is the most important skill that a beginner guitar player can develop and the failure to play in time (rather than to learnc to form and strum chords (which is actually the "easy part") is the reason why most people who try to learn to play guitar give up

To help make sure your students play in time we have more than 30 Guitar Teacher's Backing Tracks with Chord/Scale Charts and tuition materials to go with them that are used by thousands of guitar teachers all over the world

The materials are designed to make your guitar teaching more effective and less stressful

How To Teach Beginners Guitar

Teaching Intermediate and Advanced Guitar

For teachers who work with intermediate and more Advanced Guitar Students we have materials that look at Teaching Guitar Music Theory as well as resources aimed at Teaching Jazz Guitar Basics

Make Your Own Professional Looking Resources

In addition there are a host of other resources such as Blank Guitar Neck, Tab and Chord Charts to allow you to produce your own resources

Its not just Teaching Guitar!

As if all of the above wasn't enough we also have a set of Bass Guitar and Ukulele Teaching Materials to round off the $25.00 450 (PDF) and 35 (mp3) Backing Tracks download

Download everything you see and hear on this website for only $25.00

But There is No Purchase Required! Get Loads Of FREE Resources

You dont need to buy anything though! There are loads of advice and Free Guitar Teaching Resources to download from these pages that will prove invaluable to anyone setting out to teach somebody to play the guitar

How To Start Teaching Guitar

how to teach guitar with free guitar teaching  lesson plans

Teaching Older/Adult Guitar Students

Follow the link below to find out how to teach guitar to an absolute beginner (teens and adults)

how to teach guitar with free guitar teaching  lesson plans

How To Teach Children Guitar

No matter who you plan to teach if you are new to it all you are strongly recommended to take a few minutes to watch the video below. It outlines a structured and proven plan for effectively teaching guitar to an absolute beginner and serves to "put flesh onto the bones" of all of the lesson plans that you can download free from this website

Download The First Six Free PDF Guitar Lesson Plans Now!

The lesson plans look at......

How Guitar Teaching Works

The reality is that In order to teach guitar you need two things

The first is an ability to play the guitar and the second is a plan for teaching it

If you have the ability we can help with the plan

Get FREE Guitar Lesson Plans

How to teach guitar

Beginner's Guitar Lesson 1

This first lesson is all about establishing with your student what you are going to be working on and why this makes sense

Practical activity is based upon learning the first two (of eight) chord shapes (G and Em) that a beginner needs to master

More Free Guitar Lesson Plans

How to teach guitar

Guitar Lesson 2

The second lesson looks at two more of the chords (C and D) that a beginner needs to learn first along with more activities designed to help enable them to change between them in time to music

How to teach guitar third lesson

Guitar Lesson 3

Guitar lesson three introduces the learner to "Rock" guitar playing and combines a new chord (A) with one that they alredy know (G)

This tends to be a very popular lesson!

How to teach guitar lesson 4

Guitar Lesson 4

The fourth guitar lesson combines the final three chords that a novice should learn first (Am Dm and E) in a single "funky" progression

Once again the backing track does all of the "heavy lifting" and students are able to produce a pleasing sound from the earliest stages of learning to play the guitar

How to teach guitar lesson 5

Guitar Lesson 5

The fifth guitar lesson is a bit of a milestone in that it marks the end of the "absolute begginer" phase of learning to play the guitar

Lesson five involves the student and the teacher in evaluating progress to this point and designing a simple plan that will help to maximise progress in as short a time period as possible

How to teach guitar lesson6

Guitar Lesson 6

I've called it "Guitar Lesson 6" for the sake of convenience but really it is concerned with the stuff that should be introduced gradually as part of each lesson from this stage on

This material (Power Chords, Bar Chords and Music Theory etc) should be introduced whilst also working with a series of more demanding backing tracks where students are obliged to make more rapid chord changes and/or use more complicated strumming patterns

You can also download a whole load of FREE printable PDF guitar teaching resources such as chord charts and Guitar Music Theory single page "explainer" handouts now

Get Free Guitar Teaching resources

You can pick up a whole load of our printed guitar teaching resources featuring chords, scales and music theory "explainers" if you follow the link below

How To Teach A Child Guitar

How to teach guitar to a child

Teaching Children To "Really" Play The Guitar

There are also a huge range of resources designed to help you to teach kids to play guitar and which provide a structured plan which takes them from the point where they have never held a guitar to a place where they are comfortable moving at speed between the eight chords that they (and older learners) need to learn first

For a more detailed overview of how you might teach a child (or groups of children) to play guitar follow the link in the blue box below

Playing Guitar "In Time" Is Vital!

how to teach guitar to total beginners

The Benefits of Teaching Guitar with Backing Tracks

Backing Tracks (pitched at the appropriate level) are by far the best way to encourage your students to play in time and "if they can't play the guitar in time then they can't really play guitar"

Not making sure that their students practice playing in time is perhaps the biggest mistake that inexperienced (or not very good) guitar teachers can make

Get A Free Backing Track and Chord Charts Now!

You can download a free guitar teacher's backing track (and the handouts/chord charts that go with it) by following the link below...

Music Theory needs to be introduced at the "right time"

how to become a guitar teacher

Experienced guitar teachers tend to ignore music theory in the early stages in favour of developing the ability to fret and strum the basic chords This is not to say that music theory is unimportant but it should be introduced at the right time and at a point where it is actually useful (typically when a student is ready to move on from open chords to bar chords) Find out more and get some free stuff......

Get Free Guitar music Theory Teaching Resources

follow the link below.....

Helping You To Teach Guitar

Our $25.00 Download contains everything you need to start or improve a guitar teaching business
All of the Guitar Teacher's Backing Tracks, chord sheets and guitar student handouts etc designed to allow you to start or improve a guitar teaching business today

($25.00 is probably less than you will be paid for a single lesson)

You will get over 450 PDFs covering Music theory for Guitar Teachers and Blank guitar neck and chord diagrams that will allow you to custom prepare your own handouts for favourite lessons

There are also 100 Giant Guitar Chord Grids to print and use to decorate your teaching studio wall
We also have a load of printable Bass Guitar Teaching Resources, a set of Jazz Guitar Teaching Resources,some songwriting tuition stuff and even some Ukulele Teaching Materials

As well as all of the fun stuff the download includes a bunch of documents designed to help with the "boring admin side of a guitar teaching business" (follow the links above to find out more)

How To Teach Guitar

Do you already know how to teach guitar or are you thinking about finding out if it's right for you'?

If you have a skill on the guitar combined with an ability to talk and communicate with people, without wanting to resort to "hype" the material that you can download today from this site could be all that you need to change the direction of your working life (or at least help you to make some extra money doing something you love).

Our resources are used by guitar teachers all over the world to make it much easier for them to make a living. Use the links below to look at our materials aimed at both beginner and more advanced students as well as some stuff on the often overlooked subject of helping students to come up with their own original songs

Carry on down this page to explore guitar teaching in more detail and to find out more about the teachwombat resources

Teaching Guitar Lessons In The Right Order

The objective is to help your students to learn and be familiar with the best and most useful eight chord shapes that a beginner can learn
This site does not offer a "revolutionary original patent guitar teaching method" that I came up with that guarantees years of progress in a single session or any of that kind of nonsense The website is based around what the best guitar teachers on the planet have been quietly doing for decades

Follow the link below to go right to a page that gives you "step by step" instructions for a series of guitar lessons aimed at absolute beginners (the most common type of guitar student out there)

How to teach guitar to a beginner

What to teach first on guitar

Playing In Time With Other Musicians From The Start

If your students can't play guitar in time to a band then they can"t play guitar! Its as simple as that. Follow the link to hear our huge range of guitar backing tracks designed to make sure that beginner guitarists develop a sense of time right from the start

How to teach guitar to an advanced student

Backing Tracks for Intermediate/Advanced Students

We also have a whole range of guitar backing tracks that go beyond the basics to help you to teach more advanced learners that introduce more "involved" chords and help your students to explore a range of styles, grooves and genres

Printable blank guitar neck diagrams

Printable blank guitar necks, chord and tab sheets that allow you to teach guitar the way that you want to

Follow the link below to find out more

How to teach music theory to guitar players

Teaching How Music Works At The Right Stage

Music theory has to be introduced to students at the right time. Too soon and it can confuse and hinder progress. Too late and they can be resistant to it because they are already competent technically and they may not like "starting from the beginning" again

How to write songs on a guitar

Develop Your Guitar Student's Creativity From The Start

You don't have to be a great guitar player (yet) to write a great song. The earlier our students get used to the idea that they can be creative almost from the very first stages of playing guitar then the more they are likely to enjoy the whole process. Before they are familiar with the detail of how music theory works they can still derive great benefit from realising that some combinations of chords tend to work better than others and that a whole load of the songs that they know and love have a lot of chord sequences in common

How To Teach Jazz Guitar

How to teach jazz guitar

A Great Option For Teachers Of More Advanced Students

The reality is that most guitar teachers don't have much call to teach jazz guitar as the vast majority of students either have limited interest in it or are not yet ready to study the form due to a lack of theoretical knowledge and technical capacity. Having said that its a great way of keeping more advanced students stimulated and also a very effective means by which we can stretch ourselves as educators.

How to teach ukulele

Add another string to your teaching bow!

A lot of guitar teachers are branching out and becoming more versatile by teaching ukulele You could join them

The chord shapes (if not the names) should be pretty familiar to anyone who plays guitar and the material here is designed to work with ten of the backing tracks from the download

How to teach bass guitar

Developments in technology have created a situation where a guitar teacher can really "travel light" and the phone has now become the nerve centre of many guitar teaching operations

How to teach guitar using a phone

Start a guitar teaching business from your Phone

We offer a "one stop shop" for guitar teachers that allows them to download our resources to, and teach guitar from a phone, tablet or PC. With the rapid advance of mobile phone technology it is now common for guitar teachers (with access the appropriate kit such as air printers/bluetooth technology/mp3 storage etc) to turn up for work armed with little more than a guitar and a phone

Back to teaching beginners........

You are strongly recommended to take a few minutes to watch video below. It outlines a structured and proven plan for effectively teaching guitar to an absolute beginner and serves to "put flesh onto the bones" of the written and graphic content of this website

Our $25.00 Download contains everything you need to start or improve a guitar teaching business
All of the Guitar Teacher's Backing Tracks, chord sheets and guitar student handouts etc designed to allow you to start or improve a guitar teaching business today

($25.00 is probably less than you will be paid for a single lesson)