Kids Guitar Lesson 5

teaching kids to play the guitar with easy chords

Guitar Lesson number five for Kids is a recap session where everything that they have already learned is reinforced and progress to this point is assessed

This session is a great opportunity to pause and take stock of and recognise how far a younger student has travelled A very wise old educator told me once that teaching was just like throwing mud at a wall (except he did not use the term "mud" but another word for a much less pleasant substance!) "Some of it sticks to the wall and some of it falls off" he said before adding "The role of a good teacher is to determine what has fallen off the wall, to pick it up and throw it again until it is all up there"
Guitar Teaching is about guitar learning. Nothing Else. Teaching is not something you do in isolation If your students do not learn then you have not taught You have only talked. This point in the programme is a good time to remind ourselves of the big picture and to look at why we are doing this and what we want to happen as a result of our lessons

Two "Big Picture" objectives

Everything that we have done up to this point All of the chord shapes, all of the counting "1-2-3-4" and all of the working to backing tracks or metronomes has been in the service of the following two objectives

We want our students to be able to form and remember eight chord shapes

We want our students to be able to move between those shapes and be able to strum the chords in time to music

This session is a great opportunity to recognise the achievements of your younger students and to distribute the certificates shown below to let them (and their parents!) know just how hard they have worked and what tangible progress has been made
Below you will see a link that will allow you to download a certificate designed to recognise the efforts of your younger students. When I started using these myself (after many years of teaching younger kids to play guitar) I was stunned to see how popular they were and it is great to know that they get tucked safely into guitar cases or school bags to let their parents know just what they have achieved. The fact that the certificates also act as a reminder of just why they are paying you and as an encouragement to continue to do so is an added bonus
If you arrived on this page from a search engine it might be a good idea to take a look at our page that provides an introduction to How to teach Children Guitar: An Overview

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