How to become a Guitar Teacher

How to become a guitar teacher

To become a guitar teacher you will need a plan and the resources to carry out that plan

In order to become a guitar teacher you actually need three things. The first is an ability to play the guitar. The second is that you need is to be able to communicate with your customers and the third is a set of guitar teaching resources that will allow you to do the job with the minimum of stress and effort. We can't help you with the first two attributes outlined above but as far as the resources go then you have come to the right place. We have resources that are suitable for teaching kids to play guitar as well as a whole lot of backing tracks designed to get your customers through the beginning and intermediate stages of guitar playing
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If you follow the link above you will be taken to a page that provides a detailed examination of how to go about giving the first eight guitar lessons to a total beginner (by far the most common type of student you will encounter as a guitar teacher). You will also be able to download a whole load of Free guitar lesson plans from this page to help you to become organised and successful as a guitar teacher.

Teaching Guitar To Children

Another common group of students you will encounter are youngsters. Teaching children to play the guitar is different to teaching adults. Younger children are great fun to teach but as an educator you had better have a way of making the experience a fun one or they are just not going to do it. We have a range of materials especially designed with the younger guitarist in mind. There are a series of guitar themed handouts featuring a range of fun cartoon characters. Some of them are designed so that they can be printed off and kids can color them between lessons. Its a great way to get them to engage with the guitar even when they are not playing it.

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how to become a guitar teacher
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how to become a guitar teacher
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 How to work as a guitar teacher
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