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blank guitar fretboards

Blank Guitar Necks and Fretboard and Guitar Teaching Chord/Tab Sheets

Blank Guitar Necks and Fretboards are an incredibly useful resource for a guitar teacher? The teachwombat Guitar and Bass Teaching Toolkits contain loads of blank guitar necks and fretboards, chord grids, tablature and standard notation sheets designed so that you can use them as you go or better still prepare favourite or often used lessons and examles in advance.

Below are just a few of our guitar necks and fretboards etc. There are sheets that combine chord grids and necks with tab and notation so that there will always be a professional looking background to the information that you need to get accross.

All experienced guitar and bass teachers are only too aware of the value of good preparation and by using a scanner or photocopier with these necks and fretboards you can easily build up a library of favourite or often used guitar or bass teaching content.
Find out more about the guitar and bass teaching resources that we have to make your professional life easier or go straight to a page where you can download free examples (including a sheet entitled first guitar chords which will prepare you for a first lesson with a new student)

Download both packages now for only $15.00 and get the Big Grids Free!

The picture above shows just a few examples of the blank guitar necks and fretboards drawn from both the guitar and the bass teacher's toolkits.

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